Heather Peyton

Heather is a Product Marketing Director at Chef responsible for messaging around the Chef Enterprise Automation Stack. Prior to Chef Heather held DevOps related positions at CA and Worksoft. Heather started her tech career working for CompuCom, a large VAR/SI, where she focused on helping large organizations evaluate and deploy new and transformative technologies.

Chef Infra Best Practices: #2 Serve-up Continuous Compliance with Chef Infra Compliance Phase

Second installment of the Shape-Up Your Infrastructure Webinar Series – “Configure Chef Infra & Compliance Using Built-In Functionality”.     Today pretty much any IT system used to transact business or store customer data is subject to some level of compliance regulation and needs to be audited.

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Chef Infra Best Practices: #1 Using Cookstyle for Infra Client Upgrades

Believe it or not, infrastructure configuration solutions like Chef have been around for more than 10 years now. Over those 10 years, Chef has continued to improve the functionality of Chef Infra, requiring clients to not only upgrade to a new version, but also update some of the associated automation they have built.

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What is Application Definition?

Application definition is the process of creating a codified operational runbook. It formalizes the process of describing in code everything an application needs to be built, run, and managed.

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Chef KubeCon 2019 Highlights: Lean, Mean, and Open to Cloud-Native

The record breaking attendance at this year’s KubeCon 2019 North America further solidifies the fact that Kubernetes is one of the hottest technologies to come into the ring in the last few years.

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Continuous Delivery: Stop Making Exceptions

Continuous Delivery (CD) and all the other continuous things – Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Testing, Continuous Deployment – have become the new mantra of DevOps. CI/CD adoption typically starts with agile Dev teams working on new or well-funded systems.

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5 Steps for Scaling DevOps

During a webinar delivered by Chef’s SVP of Products and Engineering Corey Scobie, the following five common practices used by DevOps high performers were described: Adopt a coded approach Make it easy to work with code Use the right tool for the right job Enable one way to production Shift risk mitigation left During the […]

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Why Coded Enterprises are Winning at DevOps

More than 10 years ago Chef ushered in the era of DevOps with the introduction of Chef, the “infrastructure as code” tool. Fundamental to the success of Chef was the belief that “the best way to build software is to do it in close collaboration with the people who use it.

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