Ricardo Lupo

Ricardo Lupo leads Chef’s Solution Architect team in the East. He’s been working with Chef’s customers since 2014, helping them drive business value with the Chef platform. In his spare time, Ricardo spends most of his free time preventing his 15 month old daughter from breaking too many things.

Repackage, Don’t Rewrite! Improving Portability and Agility of Legacy Applications with Habitat

Until now, there have only been two approaches to deal with business-critical legacy applications written in a pre-cloud era: rewrite them, which is a painful, risky and long-lived process (and in some cases, not possible); or lift-and-shift, which doesn’t address the underlying technical debt or the difficulty of managing and deploying this software.

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Watch: Chef Workflow

On March 9th, I presented a live webinar on the Chef Workflow – a set of tools and a series of well-defined steps that support the DevOps principles of automation, collaboration and transparency. With the Chef workflow, you can progress from local development to collaboration across teams.

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