Sean O'Meara

Sean O'Meara is a Community Software Engineer at Chef.

The Chef Community Summit 2015 is coming

Every October, Chef users descend upon Seattle for my favorite tech event of the year. The Community Summit is an Open Spaces format “unconference” where the participants run the show. Events like these are the heart of Open Source. The best parts of the Chef ecosystem are born here.

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COOK project moving to GitHub Issues

Ohai Chefs! Due to popular demand, Chef Software is moving its COOK project issue management away from JIRA and onto GitHub issues. This will help us streamline our contribution process, making it easier for the community to submit contributions to Chef maintained cookbooks. Chef maintained cookbooks have always been hosted on GitHub.

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Community Cookbooks

Earlier this month we held the third annual Opscode Community Summit. There, we shared some lessons we’ve learned about publishing and maintaining community cookbooks. For those that could not be there, we’d like to share them with you as well.

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Why Chef – A short video about Opscode Chef & Cloud Infrastructure Automation

Here is a short “Chef 101” video introduction for Opscode Chef & Cloud Infrastructure Automation, covering what Chef is, how Chef works in public clouds, private clouds, and hybrid environments.

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