Trevor Hess

Trevor Hess was a Partner Solution Architect at Chef Software.

Escape DLL Hell with the Chef Windows IIS Site Migration Accelerator

In order to migrate an application from one Windows Server Operating System to another, we have to be able to gather all of the dynamic-link libraries (“DLLs”).

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Introducing Chef Workstation in Azure Cloud Shell

At ChefConf 2018 in May, we announced the availability of InSpec in Azure Cloud Shell, allowing users to run InSpec scans anywhere they can connect from their Azure subscription. All without ever needing to install software on their local machine.

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Habitat and Azure: Cloud Migration for Any App, Anywhere

Businesses today are in the process of augmenting or even shutting down their data centers, and moving into the public cloud. As customers  move their services into Azure or other cloud providers, they quickly confronted by a breadth of questions some of which are listed below.

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InSpec now available in Azure Cloud Shell

This week brings us into another delightful ChefConf! We’ve made a lot of great announcements about enhancements and features that have been added across our suite of automation tools, and in Chef Automate itself with Automate 2.0. We also announced that Chef Software is now even more tightly integrated with the Microsoft Azure platform.

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Deliver Compliant Systems With CloudBolt and Chef Automate

Installing and configuring multi-node systems are common enterprise tasks that can require a tremendous amount of time and resources. As technology continues to evolve, so will the need to effectively deploy and manage these systems.

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