Azure Marketplace: Streamline your Chef Deployments in Minutes

At Progress, the Chef team understands the ongoing industry trend of organizations utilizing public clouds. Taking note of these shifts, we've streamlined the ability for customers and partners to consume our products via cloud marketplaces like Azure. For example, did you know that you can deploy Chef from the Azure Marketplace after one-click within 30 minutes?

Chef’s Azure Marketplace offerings:

  • Chef Offers: Private and Public transactable offers are now live on the Azure marketplace. The new publicly transactable offer is for one node to help our users get started with our product and become full-fledged customers.
  • Azure Credits: Use your credits and apply them towards your Chef purchase. Users can bring their own current Chef model and only pay for the compute time on Azure. Deploy within 30 minutes and Chef is ready-to-go in your company’s Microsoft Azure cloud.
  • Getting Started: Check out our entire product portfolio which includes a how-to webinar for getting up-and-running in Azure.

Additionally, we can roll out a tailor-made private offer to any of our customers who wish to purchase Chef through their Azure accounts. These offers can be made on the Azure marketplace.

Install your Chef solution in your Azure subscription with all the benefits of Chef in an easy-to-deploy model. BYOL, Two-Hour Test Drive & Custom Private Offers.


Install your existing Chef solution in your Azure subscription and get all the benefits of Chef in an easy-to-deploy model. With Bring Your Own License (BYOL) model, you supply your current Chef license and only pay for the compute time you use on Azure. Together, Chef and Microsoft Azure provide customers and partners with everything they need to deliver infrastructure and applications quickly and safely. You can give your operations, security and development teams a common pipeline for building, testing and deploying infrastructure and applications.

Two-Hour Test Drive

Take advantage of the flexibility, scalability, reliability and one-click deployment with Chef for Azure Marketplace for two hours at no charge.

Get started today:

  • Create an Azure account
  • Provision Chef directly from the Azure Marketplace
  • Manage and test your environment

Custom Private Offer

Interested in a custom private offer specialized for your needs, we can help. Contact us at [email protected]


Manasa C R

Manasa C R is a Marketing Partner Development Specialist at Progress