Chef at SCaLE15x

The 15th annual SCaLE (Southern California Area Linux Expo) was held March 2-5, 2017  at the Pasadena Convention Center. This 4-day gathering of Linux enthusiasts was filled with 200+ speakers and presentations, 90+ exhibits and lots of special events.

On day one, Nathen Harvey presented two sessions: Compliance Automation with InSpec, and Application Automation with Habitat. In the compliance session, Nathen presented the capabilities of Chef Automate compliance server and how to configure it. Attendees were also taught about performing compliance scans against Windows and Linux nodes, repairing any compliance issues with Chef, and running compliance reports. We ended the day with creating and modifying compliance profiles using InSpec.

In the Application automation session, participants learned how to package and run applications with Habitat. During the lesson, attendees worked in small groups to create a Java Application using Tomcat with MongoDB. Try the labs on and join our Habitat Slack Channel or find a workshop near you.

The learning continued on the second day with 9 main categories of presentations. Nathen Harvey gave a 45-minute presentation about the relationship between application developers and DevOps, and the importance of knowing job boundaries in order to create an effective working environment.

My colleague, Trevor Hess, told me his favorite part of the expo was the history of Linux hallway track. “I learned a lot about how the different distros came to be. I also loved how welcoming the event was – it was really cool to see how many people there were just getting started down the path of the tech industry.”

We really enjoyed catching up with #ChefFriends and meeting new members of our community at the expo. Hopefully we’ll see many of you again at ChefConf 2017 in Austin, TX, May 22-24.

If you’re an LA local, check out the Los Angeles Chef Users Group. We’d love to have you join our Meetup group.

Jessica DeVita

Former Chef Employee