Chef at Microsoft Ignite in Australia

Team Chef in Australia

Chef had our first presence at Microsoft Ignite Australia in the Gold Coast February 14-17 and it was truly amazing!  Wendy Smith, Nell Shamrell, and I made the long journey down under from our Seattle headquarters to join our team in Australia: Paul Took and Matt Ray. Paul and Matt have been getting Chef activity heating up these past 8 months.

Habitat and Azure

Nell did a session Thursday afternoon with Ken Thompson of Microsoft about “Creating Packages that Run Anywhere with Habitat”. Watch the recording to hear Nell talk about using Habitat to create cross-platform software packages. The presentation is a great introduction to Habitat and its capabilities and covers creating packages which run on containers – including Windows Server Containers, and the Azure Container Service.

Expo Hall

The welcome reception was held on Tuesday evening in the Expo Hall. We had a swarm of people come through the Chef booth to collect swag and pickup information about our automation solutions for increasing speed, improving efficiency, and decreasing risk.

Throughout the week we had really great discussions about how Chef helps organizations transform their businesses to be software-led. DevOps best practices combined with and automation engine like Chef help you make the leap from legacy, on-premise infrastructure to cloud-based, next gen infrastructure.

We saw a lot of interest in Chef from Sys Admins as well as several regional partners interested in learning about our Chef partner training and certification program.

Iggy the Koala

On Wednesday, we wore special t-shirts that were designed exclusively for this event with a koala on a rocket. So many people wanted the shirt that we decided to do an impromptu contest at the booth – name the koala! The winner is Florian Generalao from HPE who submitted the name “Iggy”.

What’s Next

We can’t wait to attend the Microsoft Ignite in Australia again next year! If you’re in the Sydney area, you might be interested in joining the DevOps Sydney Meetup group.

We look forward to seeing many of you at ChefConf 2017. Join us May 22-24 in Austin, TX for two days’ of keynotes and technical sessions presented by our partners, customers, Chef practitioners, IT executives, and DevOps leaders. Plus, there is also a full day of technical workshops on various Chef-related topics.

Further Resources

To learn more about shipping your ideas with Chef and Microsoft:

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