Chef Now Available on Microsoft Azure

New Collaboration Enables Enterprises to Migrate Workloads to Azure, Create Hybrid Clouds, and Easily Manage Heterogeneous Environments Across Windows and Linux

SEATTLE – September 9, 2015 – Chef, the leader in automation for DevOps, today announced new availability of Chef in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Azure users can now access and purchase Chef directly through the Marketplace, providing maximum flexibility in using automation and cloud technologies to accelerate software development and reduce costs.

As part of the DevOps journey, enterprises are rapidly adopting cloud computing to make the delivery of software and services more flexible and scalable. Using the cloud increases the number of daily changes, updates, and deployments enterprises must make to their infrastructure. Chef’s new availability in Azure makes it even easier and faster for enterprises to migrate workloads to Azure, create hybrid clouds, and manage heterogeneous Windows and Linux workloads at any scale.

“Chef is excited to expand our collaboration with Azure. We’re committed to helping enterprises navigate the DevOps transformation and making Chef available in the Marketplace creates a simple and more streamlined approach to managing cloud infrastructure at any scale,” said Ken Cheney, vice president of business development, Chef. “We look forward to helping customers innovate faster while saving time and money by using Chef and Azure together.”

Chef and Microsoft have a longstanding partnership. Chef offers automation for Windows PowerShell DSC and Microsoft Open Technologies has its own collection of Chef Cookbooks. A broad set of customers including kCura and Cheezburger, among many others use Chef and Azure together to speed software development and easily manage infrastructure.

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