ChefConf 2018 Keynote Video: Product Vision & Announcements

It’s hard to believe ChefConf 2018 was nearly a month ago! We were excited to welcome Chef customers and community members to Chicago and share some of the exciting product developments we’ve been working over the last year.

Corey Scobie, our new SVP of Product and Engineering, announced the general availability of Chef Automate 2, our enterprise continuous automation platform. Over the last year, we’ve completely rearchitected Chef Automate from the ground up to provide rich visualizations for operational analytics across your infrastructure, applications, and compliance. Corey and his team also announced several other exciting developments on-stage at ChefConf:

  • The beta release of Chef Workstation, the unified desktop experience for Chef practitioners, aimed at making Chef easier to consume;
  • Availability of Habitat Builder on-premise, as well as many other exciting integrations into the container ecosystem, such as a Helm exporter, support for Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) as a target, the Habitat Open Service Broker, and more;
  • Integrated cloud compliance features in Chef Automate, building upon the work from InSpec 2.0, and now with Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) support in beta.

Corey also showed off some work we’ve been doing to explore the relationship between traditional configuration management and how that might be driven from the application’s point-of-view instead of the other way around.

You can watch Corey’s keynote here in full:

We’d love for you to try out our new products and features:

Julian Dunn

Julian is a former Chef employee