ChefConf Session Spotlight – Chef and DevOps for Pointy Hairs

Next up in our series of ChefConf Session Spotlights, I’m delighted to introduce Victoria Blessing who will presenting a session in our transformation track.

Victoria is an Operations Engineer for the College of Architecture at Texas A&M University, managing the college’s Unix web infrastructure since 2014. All Linux nodes are Chef-managed. She has served in various IT roles for over 5 years, and earned her degree from Texas A&M in 2014. She loves that the ever-changing world of technology satiates her passion for learning new things.

Victoria’s session, “Chef and DevOps for Pointy Hairs,” is on Wednesday, July 13th and is geared towards technical individuals looking to explain Chef and the DevOps movement in high-level business terms. Here’s an overview from Victoria:

We’ll discuss DevOps, configuration management, and Chef in high-level business terms, and how such low-level topics directly correlate to business value. I want to arm you with the basics of selling your boss on something, not only as it relates to Chef, but to be used as a skill in general.

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Jamie Bright

Former Chef employee