Community Spotlight: September 2021

In April (as part of the live launch of Chef Infra Client 17) we re-launched the Community Recognition program. As an expansion of that, we’re adding Community Spotlights! Every 3 months we’ll be selecting the top contributors in Slack, GitHub, and Discourse for their hard work and commitment to the community. This is a small way for us to say thank you for all the hard work you are doing in the community. Building, contributing, and supporting others takes time.

September Community Spotlight

Tensibai (@Tensibai)

Always answering and always asking, Tensibai, has been a source of deep understanding and support to the Chef community Slack this year. We’re thanking him again as we really appreciate long term support from our community.

Sandra Tiffin

Being a long time Chef, Sandra knows the inner workings of many products. From Infra Client and Infra Server to InSpec resources, her breadth of understanding is second only to her presence and willingness to help Chef users of all skill levels.

Jason Field (@Xorima)

Jason has put a huge amount of effort into the Sous-Chefs auto-release system. This has meant that many more community members have been able to get involved and contribute to Chef cookbooks. On top of this Jason is always on hand to respond to queries on Slack, and provides a bit of levity while he’s doing it.

Robert Detjens

Robert has been one of the key cookbook contributors this year! If you’ve seen a large feature filled update to a cookbook you can thank Robert. SELinux has received proper integration testing, git has been reworked from the unloved state it was in, and NFS has been updated to all the modern standards that Sous-Chefs have been working on.

Ben Hughes (@bmhughes)

Ben has been a key part in shipping many changes to community cookbooks this year. When I stopped to ask Ben which cookbooks he had made a change to this year, we both underestimated the number, and couldn’t help but laugh! If you’ve been using SELinux, HashiCorp Vault, Nginx, Grafana, cron, logrotate, DHCP, HAProxy, syslog_ng, then you’ve been helped by Ben this year!

Chris Alfano

Chris is our resident go-to person on Habitat, always showing people the right way and answering endless questions! He’s a leader not just because of his constant awareness of what folks need, but also in his willingness to continue to push the boundaries of Habitat.

Next highlights: December!

Our next round of highlights will be announced in December. If you have encountered someone being amazing and think they deserve to be highlighted, don’t hesitate to reach out! You can find us in #devrel in the Chef community slack, or you can send us a quick email: [email protected] Thank you to everyone who continues to make the Chef community such an amazing place to be.


Dan Webb

Dan Webb was a community advocate at Progress Chef.