Hosted Chef Reporting End of Life Announcement

Hosted Chef reporting ability reaches End of Life on March 30, 2023.

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Chef Infra Client 18 Generally Available

A new version of Chef Infra Client is now generally available for adoption

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Chef Infra Client 18 RC Now Available for Testing

A release candidate (RC) for the upcoming Chef Infra Client 18 is now available for testing and experimenting.

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Hosted Chef Set to Get a Database and Infrastructure Upgrade

We are migrating our Elastic Search to Open Search on manage.chef.io. This blog post covers the details about the impact and our maintenance window.

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Join us for The Hallway Track

A new year is upon us, and with it comes a lot of new changes from the Chef team. First, you may have noticed that we’ve officially updated our branding to Progress Chef. Also, you’re about to witness a shift in how we stream.

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Hosted Chef Scheduled Maintenance and Downtime January 6, 2022

Hosted Chef, your gateway to managing Chef infrastructure in the cloud, is set to receive an upgrade to its database. In order to facilitate this upgrade, we will be migrating all content to a new version of PostgreSQL. We will also be upgrading the application to Chef Infra server 14.10.

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Supermarket.chef.io set to get an Infrastructure upgrade

Chef Supermarket, your gateway to finding the cookbooks best suited for your DevOps needs, is set to receive an upgrade to its infrastructure. In order to facilitate this upgrade, we will be migrating all content to new hardware. Early 2022 The outage will affect the Supermarket web application and all APIs that point to supermarket.chef.io. Supermarket is a very important content source for our community. We believe that this shift in the underlying infrastructure on which it is hosted is vital in ensuring we can serve you best in the long term.

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Community Spotlight: September 2021

In April (as part of the live launch of Chef Infra Client 17) we re-launched the Community Recognition program. As an expansion of that, we’re adding Community Spotlights! Every 3 months we’ll be selecting the top contributors in Slack, GitHub, and Discourse for their hard work and commitment to the community. This is a small way for us to say thank you for all the hard work you are doing in the community. Building, contributing, and supporting others takes time.

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