set to get an Infrastructure upgrade

Chef Supermarket, your gateway to finding the cookbooks best suited for your DevOps needs, is set to receive an upgrade to its infrastructure. In order to facilitate this upgrade, we will be migrating all content to new hardware.

January 10th, 2022 from 6:30AM PST - 6:50AM PST 

The outage will affect the Supermarket web application and all APIs that point to

Supermarket is a very important content source for our community. We believe that this shift in the underlying infrastructure on which it is hosted is vital in ensuring we can serve you best in the long term.

Below are some questions we anticipate regarding the migration:

  1. When is this planned to happen?
    The migration will take place on January 10th, 2022 from 6:30 AM PST - 6:50 AM PST, more information to come.

  2. Will there be a downtime?
    Yes, there will be a small window of downtime with further details to come soon.

  3. What services are expected to go offline?
    Since this is a major infrastructure upgrade, we have planned for the following services to be affected:
  4. Will it impact anyone who has hosted supermarket on their own servers?
    This migration is not anticipated to impact users who have hosted Supermarket on their own on-prem servers, however, we still recommend on-prem users of Supermarket audit their architecture to ensure they have no reliance on

  5. How will this affect my deployments?
    All users who have automated deployments that connect to Supermarket as a step will be impacted. We would advise such users to schedule their deployments outside of this window to not face failures in reaching our services.

  6. Are build pipelines expected to go offline?
    If you have any CI system with steps utilizing supermarket (example: Test Kitchen runs), you should expect downtime.

  7. What precautions can be taken to avoid being affected during this window?
    Although we anticipate no user to require precautionary procedures, we encourage users to ensure the following during the window of migration:
    • Not have any planned deployments
    • Pause CI/CD pipeline

  8. Should users perform any procedures after the migration?
    We are working on ensuring that all services will resume as-is after the migration. We hope there will be no requirement to make any changes to the existing code for any user. All URLs, APIs, and services will continue operating the same way as they are now.

  9. How can one track the migration?
    We will be updating the status of the migration and availability of services continuously on We will also be communicating through our social media channels once the migration is complete and all status checks show green.

  10. Will there be any impact to Supermarket post this migration?
    Expect to be faster and safer when serving your DevOps needs!

In the meantime, if you have any questions, please reach out to us via our community slack space, in the #supermarket room.


Sudharshan Kaushik Kannan

Sudharshan Kaushik Kannan is a Senior Product Manager at Progress Chef