Hosted Chef Reporting End of Life Announcement

The reporting capability that is included in the Reports tab in Hosted Chef will be removed and no longer supported as part of the EOL process.  

The result of this change will eliminate the Reports tab and all related functionality from It will also eliminate reporting related API calls in We understand that some Chef customers may be using this reporting feature and related APIs. If this change impacts your organization, please contact your relationship manager to discuss other Chef hosted options that provide reporting capabilities.  

Please refer to the information below to help you plan for this change:  

  1. When will the reporting capability be removed (EOL)? 

    March 30th, 2023

  2. What will be the result of removing reporting? 

    The Report tab in will be removed. The related APIs in will also be removed. This change will not impact any other services including the ability to automate and manage nodes. 

  3. What services are expected to go offline? 

    The Reports tab in will be permanently offline. 

  4. Are other Chef Hosted services expected to go offline?
    While no other services are expected to go offline - if you currently use the reporting APIs they will no longer work. You should work to remove any API calls 24 hours before the EOL change to avoid processing errors. 

  5. Should users perform any other procedures before or after the change?

    We are working to ensure that all other Hosted Chef services will resume as-is after the removal of Chef Reporting. We do not anticipate that our customers will have to make any other changes to their existing code as all non-reporting URLs, APIs, and services will not be changed and will continue to operate as they do now. 

  6. How can one know if the EOL change is complete?

    After March 30th, 2023, it will be apparent that the EOL change is complete when the Reports tab is no longer visible in Direct access to any reporting URLs will no longer track to a valid URL and will receive a 404 error. 

  7. When should I extract any historical data? 

    Customers must extract all data before March 30th,2023.  

If you have questions or need assistance during this transition, please contact your CSM or account rep.


Mark Cavins

Mark Cavins is a Senior Product Manager at Progress.