Join us for The Hallway Track

A new year is upon us, and with it comes a lot of new changes from the Chef team. First, you may have noticed that we’ve officially updated our branding to Progress Chef. Also, you’re about to witness a shift in how we stream.

What type of shift are we talking, here? 

Well, I’m happy you asked! I’ll start by giving you a bit of background. In response to the inability to connect in-person with the community, Chef decided to pivot to live streaming. When Dan and I began streaming 8 months ago, we had little more than grit, optimism, and child-like curiosity. We’ve experimented with several types of content, from live coding and product demos to special guests. The goal here was to re-engage the community and find what types of content worked best for us. We’ve had some hits and plenty of misses, but we’ve found that when we have more conversations, we end up with content that folks like more. We’re still a work in progress, but we think we’re on the right track with this new direction.  

Ok, so what’s the new direction? 

Let’s start with what’s not changing. We’ll still be streaming live on Twitch & YouTube, on Tuesday & Thursday at 10 am ET. Your hosts will still be the incredible @dan_webb and yours truly, @blkgrlcto. We’ll still remind you to follow @chef on Twitter and join the Community on Slack on each stream. Dan will still struggle with…words and I’ll still have to remind myself to fully open my eyes and stop squinting.  

Going forward we want to bring more consistency to the content of the streams, so that our viewers know what to expect when you tune in each day. Here’s what we’ve come up with: 

Tuesday’s streams, which we have yet to name, will continue to focus more on tutorials and product demos. We’ll take bite-sized concepts related to our product ecosystem and elaborate on them with the intent of collectively navigating the ever-evolving DevOps space.  

Thursday’s streams, which we have named The Hallway Track, are a dedication to the interactions and connections that are made in the hallway of our favorite industry events. They will be full of conversation, including guests from across the industry (and even outside the DevOps industry). We miss the energy, interactions, and connections that we tend to make between talks in the hallway at our favorite industry events and will aim to capture all that on Thursdays. 

We’re also experimenting with a stream on Wednesday mornings that cater more to IST time zones. Shout out to Dan for spearheading that.  

Here’s the upcoming streaming schedule:  

  • Feb 1st: Compliance Phase Updates Pt. 1 
  • Feb 2nd: Compliance Phase Updates Pt. 2 
  • Feb 3rd: Interview with Hackathon winner Dhruv Kanojia 
  • Feb 8th: What are InSpec Attributes 
  • Feb 10th: Mentoring new tech leads with Dan Allford 
  • Feb 17th: Interview with Hackathon winner Ambily KK 

Let’s get started! 

So, there you have it; new year, new schedule, same us! I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. If you haven’t already, subscribe to us on Twitch or YouTube, to get notifications when we stream. You can also join us in the #devrel channel on Chef’s Community Slack.  


Kiah Tolliver

Kiah Tolliver was the Developer Advocate at Chef.