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Chef Infra Client 18 RC Now Available for Testing

In May this year, we made an announcement that the release of Chef Infra Client 18 would temporarily depart from the historical cadence. The purpose of this was to allow us time to collaborate with our users  on developing a newer, more inclusive release process. We promised that a Release Candidate would be made available for testing prior to making Infra Client 18 available for adoption. We are happy to share that the RC (Release Candidate) is now available for you to get a preview of what is coming in Infra Client 18. 

The RC (18.0.155) contains all features and upgrades that the Infra Client 18 build will contain. Our intention here is to ensure that all Chef Infra consumers get a chance to test the candidate in their own controlled environment before adopting the actual release. Please click here to know more about what comes in the release from the release notes. You can download the build for the platform of your choice here. The version that is an RC is 18.0.155. 

Please note the RC is only available for a limited number of operating systems; additional operating systems will be added before the GA (Generally Available) release. 

Please bear in mind that there is no change in support plans and end-of-life timelines of Infra Client 16 and 17. They will continue to remain the same as announced earlier. Click here for more information on Infra Client 16 EOL and here to know more about Infra Client 17 EOL.

We encourage you to try the RC (18.0.155) and provide us with valuable feedback. Feel free to reach out to us through slack channels, discourse, or any Chef representative to log your feedback. Kindly watch out for future announcements about us taking Infra Client 18 live. The past couple of months have been a wonderful opportunity for us to work together with our user community for gathering invaluable feedback that we hope has made the build robust. We would like to thank everyone who participated in this process. We are compiling all of the feedback and will be posting the new release process shortly.

Join the Chef Community slack channel for Infra Client 18 discussions.


Sudharshan Kaushik Kannan

Sudharshan Kaushik Kannan is a Senior Product Manager at Progress Chef