is set for a Database and Infrastructure Upgrade

Hosted Chef, your gateway to managing Chef infrastructure in the cloud, is set to receive an upgrade. It will be upgraded to open search from elastic search.  To facilitate this upgrade, we will be having a maintenance window on 10/17/2023

10/17/2023, 2:00 AM PST – 3:00 AM PST 

The maintenance will affect as well as We understand the length of maintenance may create errors for associated Chef clients and so want to give customers an early warning. We recommend that current alerts for and be silent during that time. We also recommend that you pause client runs during this window. 

Below are some questions we anticipate regarding the migration: 

1. When is this planned to happen?
The migration is slated for 10/17/2023 between 2:00 AM PST and 3:00 AM PST. 

2. What will be happening during this window? services will enter maintenance mode for 10 minutes per customer. During this time, we will be performing the following tasks: 

  • Migration of Elastic Search to OpenSearch 
  • Verification of upgrade across hosted chef environments
  • Re-indexing of data 

3. What services are expected to go offline?

We have planned for the following services to be affected: 

4. Are systems expected to go offline?

Yes, there will be a pause in service from 2:00 AM PST to 3:00 AM PST. Any node managed by will be in maintenance mode. Client scans should be paused until 3:00 AM PST to accommodate the re-indexing of data. 

5. What precautions can you take to avoid being affected during this window?

Although we anticipate no user requiring precautionary procedures, we encourage users to ensure the following during the window of migration: 

  • Not have any planned deployments 
  • Silence alerts focused on
  • Do not run client scans during the window 

6. What happens if I do a client scan during the maintenance window? 

  • While data is being indexed client scans will repeat data from the last scan 
  • Data will not be updated until the window is complete 
7. Should users perform any procedures after the migration? 

We are working on ensuring that all services will resume as-is after the migration. We hope there will be no requirement to make any changes to the existing code for any customer. All URLs, APIs and services will continue operating the same way as they are now. 

8. How can I track the migration?  

We will be updating the status of the migration and availability of services continuously on We will also be communicating through our social media channels once the migration is complete and all status checks show green. 

9. When will I know that things are completed? 

If you have questions or concerns during the maintenance, feel free to join our Slack space and let us know! 



Mark Cavins

Mark Cavins is a Senior Product Manager at Progress.