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Chef offers the industry’s best technical support with personalized assistance, resources, and documentation to help elevate your DevSecOps game. You can find reports of bugs, pointers to compatibility matrices, pointers on best practices, troubleshooting and remediation articles, and many more with our new knowledge base resources. 

Using Articles  

The articles are live at Search for them by preceding keywords with the word “chef.” 

For example, use the search: “chef reindex“ if you want to find articles that deal with re-indexing a search index found in a Chef Infra Server. 

Further examples of knowledge base articles to know about appear in the following sections: 

Bugs to know about 


Almost any version of a Progress Chef product that is in support and not EOL works with any other version of Progress Chef products. 

  • However, this is a good rule to follow as a compatibility matrix for Automate: Progress Chef Product Compatible Versions.

  • As of January 2023, with the release of 15.3.2, Chef Infra Server has become incompatible with Chef Clients that cannot produce/check Sigv4 signatures for authenticating with S3 when storing cookbook files: Chef Infra Server: SigV4 Signing S3/Bookshelf. However, Chef Clients as old as 13.0.118 can still connect with newer Chef Servers that are configured to store cookbook files locally, in Bookshelf. 

Top 5 Articles by Usage 

Curious about what our most popular articles are? Here are our top 5 articles ranked by the most number of views. 

  • Progress Update: OpenSSL Vulnerability - This article discusses a vulnerability identified in OpenSSL 3.0 and our findings in which none of our products are affected by this vulnerability.

  • How to create a Progress ID for Chef SupportLink - This article covers the steps involved in registering for and creating a Progress ID to log into the Support Link portal.

  • How Can My Customer Success or Sales Contact Setup a Case Team? - Although internal and not visible to customers, your Customer Success and Sales contacts can use this. If you have a Standard Support contract, Progress Chef Support can help to get your Case Team going. Just let us know who should be involved, with email addresses. It is best if the email address domains match your primary business domain, like

  • Automate 4.x Upgrade Failure - Early versions of Automate 4.x failed to upgrade correctly. We recommend using 4.5.2 or higher to avoid these issues.

  • Our Automate server has failed. How do I diagnose and fix it? - A customer can diagnose and fix typical failures of an Automate system. Follow these steps, and at the end, you will have fixed your Automate system. Of course, if this does not help, feel free to contact support. 

Best Practices 

  • Always make and test restoring a backup before attempting an upgrade of any Progress Chef software. Sometimes failed upgrades can be recovered, but the best way is to start over and try again after having confirmed the preconditions are met for an upgrade.

  • Use as little disk space as possible, especially with Automate. An Automate server with an embedded search engine generally functions best with tens of gigabytes of storage in play, not hundreds.

  • The same goes for Chef Infra Server. If the system is not being used with Policyfiles, it must sift through hundreds to thousands of cookbook versions on every Chef Client check-in in a typical system. Strictly limit the versions available. Chef Infra Server is unsuitable as an artifact store while in the standard config. 
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Sean Horn

Sean Horn is a Lead Principal Technical Support at Progress Chef. 

Alan Reiley

Alan Reiley is a Senior Support Engineer at Progress Chef.