Now Available: Chef Automate Source Code!

I’m extremely excited to announce that, for the first time ever, all of the source code for Chef Automate is now open-sourced under the Apache 2.0 license. This further fulfills the changes we announced earlier in April.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, Chef Automate is the premier DevOps dashboard and analytics tool that provides complete operational visibility into the Coded Enterprise. Chef Automate enables your Developer, Security, and Operations teams to better collaborate and receive actionable insights – for configuration management, compliance, and soon, for application automation. Chef Automate also provides an auditable history of changes to your environment including infrastructure and applications. Chef Automate integrates with Chef Infra for Infrastructure automation, Chef InSpec for Security and Compliance automation, and Chef Habitat for application automation, providing a full stack solution for delivering your apps to market faster than ever.

You can now access the Automate Github repository at and can look inside the work we have been doing within Chef Engineering.

Of particular interest to get you started with this repository are:

  1. The dev-docs folder
    1. Setting up your development environment
    2. All of the diagrams and nice drawings
    3. Some of the architecture decisions in the ADR folder (this is not exhaustive at this time and was a recently introduced process)
  2. The components that make up Automate of course! Some interesting components are:
    1. The Ingest Service
    2. The Config Management Service
    3. The Compliance Service
    4. The UI

Our microservice architecture allows different teams to work in ways that makes sense to their domain. As you can see from the existing pull requests and issues, Chef Automate developers are actively working in this repository. It may take us some time to make contribution easier, please know that we are working on improving that experience in the days to come.

For more information on contributing to Chef Open Source software, please peruse our Chef OSS Practices repository

Personally, I’m excited to see all of the amazing ideas you have to make Chef Automate even more powerful and useful. There is great satisfaction in being able to share the work we have been doing. This also allows us to clearly align with our business objectives. Fundamentally, being able to collaborate in the open, with all of you is the best way to build software.

On behalf of all of the product and engineering organization at Chef, I look forward to partnering with all of our community as you explore Chef Automate and realize the full potential of this product. Let the PRs flow!!!

Sudhir Reddy

Sudhir was leading engineering at Progress Chef.