Opscode Training, Services and Evangelism

Hi, my name is John Willis, and I am the VP of Training, Services, & Evangelism (TSE) at Opscode.  I have been on-board for about three months and have been very busy building a team, creating our first materials, and getting everything off the ground.

Here’s how we work:

Our mission is simple: Massive Chef Adoption.

Here is an overview of how we will do this:


We recently completed our first 3-day Chef Training (it sold out BTW!) and are planning many more.   We will be doing regular public, private and web based training sessions, labs, and workshops.  If you are interested in Opscode training for you, your company, or your city please fill out our training form.


We are working with a select group of trusted partners who are experienced with Opscode, Chef, and Infrastructure Automation.  We will be supporting them as they deploy Chef and the Opscode Platform for their customers.  Expect to see some exciting announcements around alliances and partnerships in the upcoming weeks, followed by broader program in the coming months.


We are building a exceptional team of industry experts that who love speaking, coding and writing about implementing world class Infrastructure Automation.

We will spread the word around the world speaking at some of the most exciting open source, cloud, and infrastructure conferences.  When you run into one of us, please come over and talk!  We eat, drink and sleep Infrastructure Automation, Cloud Computing, and DevOps and want to help you do awesome stuff (even if it isn’t Chef related).

We are also huge supporters of OpsCamp and DevOps meetups and will be available at many of these events.

I hope that gives you a little insight into what we are cooking up here at Opscode.  Stay tuned!

Here is a list of places you can find us over the next few months.

Upcoming Cloudcamps and Opscamps

  • Cloudcamp Denver
  • Cloudcamp Detroit
  • Opscamp Seattle
  • Opscamp Atlanta

Scaling and Managing Applications in the Cloud
Gov2.0 Expo
Washington, DC – Wednesday, May 26th 2010
Jesse Robbins

Configuration Management in the Cloud
Gluecon 2010
Denver – Thursday, May 27th
John Willis

The Cambrian Cloud Explosion

Epicenter 2010
Dublin – Thursday, June 10th
John Willis

Configuration Management in the Cloud
Epicenter 2010
Dublin – Thursday, June 11th
John Willis

Infrastructure Automation with Chef
Velocity 2010
Santa Clara – Tuesday, June 22nd
John Willis, Adam Jacob

Configuration Management With Chef

2010 Usenix Cloud Configuration Management Summit
Boston – Thursday, June 24th
Aaron Peterson

Does the Cloud Need DevOps
Devopsdays USA
Santa Clara  – Friday, June 25th
John Willis

Automated Infrastructure is on the Menu with Chef

OSCON 2010 – Operations
Portland – Tuesday, July 20th
Joshua Timberman

Opening Session

OSCON 2010 – Cloud Summit
Portland – Tuesday, July 20th
Simon Wardley and John Willis

Cloudy Operations
OSCON 2010 – Cloud Summit
Portland – Tuesday, July 20th
John Willis

Open Source Tool Chains for Cloud Computing
OSCON 2010 – Cloud Computing
Portland – Wednesday, July 21th
John Willis

The Infrastructure Philharmonic
OSCON 2010 – Operations
Portland – Thursday, July 22nd
John Willis

John Willis