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We are excited to announce the beta launch of Progress Chef Courier, our enterprise job orchestration solution designed to streamline complex workflows and enable control over every dimension of the change rollout process. We understand the importance of job orchestration in improving efficiency and productivity within teams. Your organization is committed to delivering the best outcomes for your customers and Chef Courier is another step in this direction.

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Why Chef For Orchestration?

Orchestration involves controlling actions across numerous systems, tools and platforms. The Chef ecosystem already includes robust automation capabilities supporting infrastructure, security, compliance, application delivery and edge management. With Chef Courier, you can begin orchestrating actions across all these Chef solutions with no dependency on other external supplementary tools. This means, from the cloud to the edge – your organization can be managed by Chef with incredible flexibility and granular control, at massive scale.

Chef Courier will allow administrators to control the following dimensions of change rollout:

  • Whatever – You choose what actions to perform. This can include scripts, OS commands, Chef Cookbooks, Compliance Profiles, Application Packages, etc.
  • Wherever – You choose which node(s) to target. Use parameters like Node ID, query, saved lists or other custom parameters. Customize the distribution pattern, choose from sequential, parallel and batched.
  • Whenever – You choose when to perform these actions. Choose from on-demand, scheduled or recurring with the option to add exceptions.

This level of control will enable administrators to create workflows and processes to address use cases like incident response, patch management, application deployment, security and compliance management and self-service automation. Orchestration will also help distribute responsibility among stakeholders and significantly reduce over-reliance on few individuals during unplanned downtimes or critical remediation tasks.

Listening To Our Customers

Continuous testing and feedback from some of our early customers has been instrumental in the launch of this beta. We continue to engage with customers to validate use cases to see if Chef Courier accurately meets their requirements. As we continue to improve the features and functionality of Chef Courier, we invite you to participate in this beta program to evaluate your orchestration needs and provide insight into how we can build a better product for you.

Join Our Beta Program

While this beta is an important milestone, we are already working on building the next phase of Chef Courier. Your feedback is critical in that journey. As a beta participant, you will get access to:

  • An orchestration package that is based on pre-release builds
  • Installation in your test environments to validate actions against your nodes
  • Samples jobs you can use to identify different areas within your systems where you can use orchestration

Sign up for the beta program and see Chef Courier in action in your own environment. Orchestrate actions across the Chef ecosystem and extend the power of your existing automation.


Anugraha Benjamin

Anugraha Benjamin is a Product Marketing Manager at Chef.