Deploy Django CMS with Chef

Calling all Pythonistas! Would you like to deploy Django apps with Chef? Then check out the latest in our Quickstart series, where we give you full instructions and an accompanying video on standing up a Django CMS multi-node instance in Amazon E2, with a load balanced app tier and separate MySQL server.

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Future of Opscode Cookbooks

We’re making changes to the Opscode cookbooks repository about what cookbooks we include and how we provide support for them. As a large number of people rely on our cookbooks, we want to be clear about the intentions of the repository, and how we plan to release and support cookbooks going forward.

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Chef 0.10.0 Released!

After a lengthy testing process, we’re very proud to announce that Chef 0.10.0 is officially released. Chef 0.10 is a huge step forward, improving many aspects of the Chef experience.

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Chef 0.10 Preview: chefignore

Here’s the issue: we love our text editors and version control systems, but, despite all the indespensible things these tools do for us, they sometimes leave behind temporary or data files that we don’t want to distribute to every host in our infrastructure. Before Chef 0.

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Boulder Chef Hack Day

Following the success of our recent Chef Hack Day in Austin, Texas, on Saturday April 30 we will have the first Denver/Boulder area hack day! Opscode will be in attendance with members of the developer and services teams. What: Spend a Saturday hacking on Chef itself, or on your cookbooks.

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Opscode at Mountain West RubyConf 2011

The Mountain West RubyConf is in Salt Lake City is this Thursday and Friday, March 17-18! This is a regional Ruby conference held in Salt Lake City.

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Opscode at SCALE 9x!

The Southern California Linux Expo (SCALE) is this weekend and Opscode is excited to be there at a number of events associated with it. Friday is the DevOps Day Los Angeles and our very own John Willis and Adam Jacob will be there.

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GeekAustin DevOps Series #1

This weekend in Austin TX, Opscode Technical Evangelist Matt Ray will be participating in the GeekAustin DevOps Series #1. The GeekAustin DevOps day is a free event that will feature open source configuration management tools, including Chef.

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Data Day Austin video: What Big Data Folks Need to Know About DevOps

At the recent Data Day Austin, Opscode Technical Evangelist Matt Ray gave a talk with Infochimps‘ CTO Flip Kromer on using Chef to deploy Hadoop clusters. The talk discusses DevOps and provides a quick overview of Chef, how it works and why it is important for Big Data users.

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