Building The Coded Enterprise

To compete in the modern economy, organizations across industries have had to develop competency in the digital domain. Customer-facing apps and digital experiences drive growth, while large scale software systems keep operations running efficiently. Enormous budgets are poured into digital transformation projects, but many succumb to the weight of complexity and the inability of siloed teams to collaborate effectively.

For over a decade, Chef has helped companies become Coded Enterprises. These high performing organizations have learned how to apply code to automate the secure delivery of infrastructure and applications. Three characteristics define the Coded Enterprise:

  • Secure and compliant by design – by defining security and compliance policies as human-readable code, a Coded Enterprise ensures that security standards are maintained and easily audited.
  • Collaborative from the start – a coded approach allows teams to ‘shift left’ to the start of the process much of the cross-functional work required to configure and secure complex infrastructure and applications. This unleashes velocity and saves teams the pain of rework that so often arise in siloed, gated processes.
  • Consistently efficient despite complexity – enterprise environments are complex, often for good reasons. Code enables consistent and reliable delivery across any combination of heterogeneous environments.

Coded Enterprises are leaders in their industries, serve their customers well, and are positioned for the future. They innovate and move with velocity, like IRL by Walmart, who dramatically improved developer productivity by automating the build process for their AI apps. They maintain security and compliance at scale, like Cerner, who builds compliance testing into their technology delivery process. And they take advantage of complexity, like Alaska Airlines, who applies repeatable patterns to deliver applications to the cloud.

The journey to becoming a Coded Enterprise is easier to start than ever. Chef has invested a lot of effort in making our products easy to use, while putting the full power of code in your hands. We look forward to helping you take the next step!


Dan Hauenstein

Dan was the Vice President of Product Marketing at Chef, helping companies understand Chef so they can achieve speed and outpace the competition. He spent 20 years in strategy, marketing, and enablement roles in the enterprise software space at companies including Hortonworks, IBM, Micromuse, and McKinsey & Co. Throughout his career he’s tried to make complicated subjects easy to understand, mainly by boiling them down to three bullet points.