What to Talk About at ChefConf 2020 – What Cool Stuff are You Doing with Chef Habitat?

The deadline for the ChefConf 2020 CFP is coming up fast! We know you have lots of great ideas out there for submissions, so make sure to get those in. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to tell your story to the Chef Community this June in Seattle or London! We’ve highlighted some ChefConf 2019 talks about Chef Infra, Chef InSpec, and workflows that impact people and technology. Let’s look at some Chef Habitat talks!

Chef Habitat is a powerful solution for your application automation needs. Organizations all over the world use Habitat to manage their application lifecycles and meet their scaling needs no matter where their applications are deployed. ChefConf is *the* place to hear from these folks on how to leverage Habitat for your team. 

If your team is using Chef Habitat for application automation, we want to hear from you! Not sure what might be interesting? Take a look at some of our past Habitat presenters on our YouTube Channel. 

Graham Weldon from Rakuten is an Awesome Community Chef as well as a superstar of the Habitat Community. We know Graham will be back for ChefConf 2020, but maybe you’ll find his ChefConf 2019 presentation, Real-World Chef Habitat Plans inspiring. Have you taken the plunge and created some Habitat plans? What did you learn about automating your applications for Habitat?

The Depot is an important part of the Chef Habitat ecosystem. The public builder is available at https://bldr.habitat.sh, but it’s also possible to run your own. Our partners at Indellient shared some of their wisdom with us in their talk “Bringing the Chef Habitat Depot On-Premise in the Enterprise”. They weren’t the only ones working with on-prem, either. Leo Fillmore of CORT also shared some lessons in “Automating Deployments from DEV to PROD with Habitat On-Prem Builder”. Have you deployed the on-prem version of Builder for your Habitat applications? Or do you have a story about why you stuck with the public version? Let us know!

Of course we want to hear about your experiences running Habitat out there in the wild. Maybe you have a story like Jeff Moody’s “Chef Infra and Chef Habitat in IRL”, which is Walmart’s Intelligent Retail Lab. Or maybe something like Chris Alfano’s story of working with Code for Philly in his talk “A Habitat for Democracy”.  The diversity of use cases for Habitat means that there’s infinite possibilities to tell interesting stories of application automation with Chef Habitat. Yours could be featured at ChefConf 2020!

So get your ideas submitted. Don’t miss out on this chance to showcase the great work your organization is doing with modern architectures and automation at ChefConf in Seattle and London this year. If you’re not into speaking this year, stay tuned, registration will be opening soon and you’ll have your opportunity to book your tickets at the Early Bird price. Don’t miss out!


Mandi Walls

Mandi is Technical Community Manager for Chef. She can be found online @LNXCHK.