What’s New with Chef Habitat

Chef Habitat is an open source automation product for defining, packaging, and delivering applications to any environment, regardless of operating system or platform.

In the first half of 2020, we’ve rolled out a number of new features in Habitat, including building out integrations with Chef Automate. We’re really excited about the incredible progress we’ve made and wanted to make sure the Habitat community was aware of all the great work we’ve been doing. 

With that, we’ve consolidated the major new Habitat releases made in the first half of 2020 into a single blog and listed them below.   

Chef Habitat Major New Feature Releases: Updated May 28, 2020

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Application Dashboard Enhancements  

Enhanced analytics enable users to filter and update views for disconnected services and receive real-time health-check messages and statuses.

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Simplified Supervisor Configuration

Configure the supervisor with a file vs. solely through environment variables and command line options.


Create Containers without Docker Daemon

Create container images without using the Docker daemon and eliminate security concerns caused by providing root access to a system.

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Multi-Platform Package Management 

Improve package management, making it easier to manage package settings and deploy multi-platform packages.

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Migration Support for Legacy Windows Applications into GKE 

Package and export Windows Legacy application artifacts as container images, upload them to the Google Container Registry, and deploy them to GKE.


Rapid Rollback 

Trigger a service rollback by “demoting” a package via the Habitat Builder.


Automated Package Clean-Up

Configure the number of latest versions to keep on disk when a service is started or updated, and uninstall previous versions of a package and all its dependencies. 

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Layered Container Support

Create a layered container to take advantage of container caching functionality.   

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Application Dashboard Tab Launch

View service groups and instances that are deployed and get the data needed to understand what’s deployed where, and the health of each service. 

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OnPrem Builder Enhancements

Deliver applications in secure environments behind the firewall.


Simplified On-Prem Installer

Use the same installer as Chef Automate and take advantage of Automate’s single sign-on service and backup/restore tools.

Automate Documents

In addition, we’ve consolidated a list of useful resources for Chef Habitat below. 

Resources and Tools:

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Stephen Delano