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Another reason to attend ChefConf2019: learning to use Chef Habitat! Chef Habitat is a key component of Chef Enterprise Automation Stack; an automation system that allows teams to express infrastructure, security policies, and application lifecycle dependencies as code, to deliver that code via an automated pipeline, and to deploy, observe, and manage the technology lifecycle.

Brian Turner

Chef would not exist without its community. Our Open Source community built the foundation upon which every part of Chef stands. Together we continue to evolve and grow and shape each other as Chef moves into its third chapter.

Nell Shamrell-Harrington

Guest post by our friends at Indellient. We’re all on a mission to develop quickly, deliver reliably, and release more frequently, all in the name of better supporting our business. We must do all of this – securely, of course – across multiple environments.

Siraj Rauf

Today, Chef is announcing meaningful changes to the way that we build and distribute our software. Chef has always believed in the power of open source. This philosophy is core to the way that we think about software innovation.

Barry Crist

As many of you know, the standard Microsoft lifecycle policy is 10 years of support (5 for mainstream + 5 for extended support) for business and developer products, such as SQL and Windows servers. At the end of the extended support period, patches or security updates are no longer provided, creating security and compliance issues.

Alan Baptista

ChefConf 2019 is going to be a blast! And in addition to the fun you will be having with the rest of the Chef community, there will be a lot of good old-fashioned learning opportunities. I want to call specific attention to three of the workshops being delivered on Monday, May 20.

Brian Turner

I’m excited to announce that we have a new training course available for those learning Chef’s products and solutions: DevOps Pipeline! We understand the importance of an end-to-end workflow to automate all the things and this new class will help you accomplish that goal.

Brian Turner

Following on from the recent announcement that Chef has achieved CIS certification across AWS, Azure and GCP let’s take a deeper look at how to get started with Chef InSpec on these cloud providers.  Starting with InSpec v3.7.7 there is profile generation support for AWS, Azure, and GCP.

Stuart Paterson

What does end of support for an Operating System (such as Windows Server 2008 or RHEL 5) have to do with Digital Transformation? The speed of modern business necessitates a much faster time to market and higher quality applications. But your existing application estate will determine your modernization strategy.

Vikram Ghosh