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One of the greatest thrills of working in Open Source is receiving your first pull request. Learning that someone not only took an interest in your project, but took enough interest to fork the code, make a change, and then submit it as a pull request is such an incredible feeling.

Nell Shamrell-Harrington

ChefConf 2019 is our time to get together with our community, learn from each other, and celebrate all the amazing things we’ve accomplished together over the year. One of the ways we love to recognize the contributions and hard work of our community is through the Awesome Community Chef Awards.

Mandi Walls

Chef is excited to announce that we have achieved official Center for Internet Security certification on the Amazon Web Services Foundations Benchmarks (level 1 & level 2).

Nick Rycar

Federal agencies work hard to provide value to consumers of their services, but in order to deliver updates at the velocity their customers demand, they must ensure their infrastructure is hardened and secure throughout the software development lifecycle.

Larry Eichenbaum

I am excited to announce that Policyfiles are now covered in Learn Chef Rally. Policyfiles have become mainstream and are a best practice for managing your estate with Chef.

John Fitzpatrick

ChefConf 2019 is getting closer! Come hang with us in our hometown! ChefConf 2019 will be our 8th annual event, and we’ll be at Chef’s home in Seattle, WA. Join us this May for talks, workshops, and community!

Mandi Walls

No one questions that audits are stressful, painful and time-consuming. But organizations — financial institutions especially — must conduct audits to ensure security and validate compliance regulatory requirements. As security threats increase or regulations change, entities in turn must conduct more audits.

Dan Hauenstein

One of the many reasons to attend ChefConf 2019 is the lineup of learning opportunities that will be available to improve your knowledge of Infrastructure, Compliance and Application Automation. In addition to the dozens of breakout sessions, we’re offering 11 full-day workshops at a crazy, low price with topics for all experience levels.

Brian Turner

An article was shared yesterday detailing a runC vulnerability that affects Docker and Kubernetes where a malicious container can overwrite a host system’s runC binary, thus allowing root-level code execution on the host. This is an operations nightmare and it made me think of how Chef Habitat can help in these situations.

Shaun Mouton