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Chef Desktop Compliance

Compliance-as-Code in IT Asset Configuration Management for Better Security and Seamless Audits

Compliance Automation Across Heterogeneous IT Resource Fleet

Chef Desktop Compliance is an automation solution that helps manage configuration changes while ensuring security and compliance across the entire IT resource fleet of desktops, laptops, and kiosks centrally. Managing security and compliance through traditional approaches is nearly impossible, with few opportunities to enforce policy consistently, inefficient and ineffective audits, and no easy way to gauge risk. With Chef, use the compliance-as-code approach to codify your fleet’s security and compliance needs, run continuous audits, and remediates issues, all through automation.

Continuous Compliance Through Continuous Audit

Define configuration, security, and compliance policies through code and monitor the deviations from the intended state with Chef’s Desktop Compliance. Ensure endpoints are provisioned faster with automated configuration management and conform to strong compliance and security standards.

Automated Handling of Drifts and

Automatically remediate drifts and apply waivers with predefined policies. Rule-based automated ‘don’t assume but verify’ approach always maintains security and offers flexibility to apply customized rules for different endpoints or users. Minimize human intervention through continuous automated audits based on built-in CIS and STIG benchmarked content.

Desktop Compliance Key Benefits

Automated Compliance Audits

Codified compliance policies based on CIS or DISA standards for continuous compliance audits.

Automated Security Audits

Define, test, deploy and manage codified security policies for continuous audits to detect vulnerabilities across endpoints.

User-Friendly Dashboards

Access a consolidated view of the entire IT resource fleet using a single, centralized console. Gain critical insights about the status of configurations, audits, vulnerabilities, etc., and know what’s the status of any endpoint in real-time. Monitor IT resource health and usage and remediate any configuration drifts.

Premium Content and Tuneable Policies

Chef curated premium content helps you quickly get started with infrastructure, compliance, and security policies. It offers you the flexibility to tune and add waivers as per the organization’s requirements. Operate with ease even in highly regulated business industries.


Codifying the Enterprise makes infrastructure and compliance management significantly easy, fast, and secure across vast, distributed, ever-growing pools of IT resources.

Automated Configuration Management

Comprehensive desktop management by defining configuration policies through code to accelerate enrolment and provisioning of laptops and desktops within the IT resource fleet.

Chef Desktop Compliance Leverages Chef’s Powerful Capabilities in:

  • Automated Configuration Management for the entire IT infrastructure
  • Security and Compliance as code for continuous audit and remediation at scale
  • Observability dashboard to monitor and analyse vital performance parameters

Chef Desktop Compliance builds on desktop automation tools by empowering enterprises to not just automatically deploy and manage configurations across large, distributed IT resources but also adhere to strict security and compliance standards.

Chef Desktop Compliance facilitates faster, consistent, and efficient change deployment through a robust policy-based engine that automatically employs configuration, security, and compliance policies as code to streamline deployment, provisioning, auditing, and remediation of issues. This enables organizations to:

  • Conveniently manage their vast heterogenous IT resource fleet
  • Have the flexibility to tune policies to organizational needs
  • Operate confidently even in highly regulated environments or verticals
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