Innovation, speed, collaboration and safety - Chef bakes them all into one DevOps platform.

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Chef Server

Use Chef server as your foundation to create and manage flexible, dynamic infrastructure whether you manage 50 or 500,000 nodes, across multiple datacenters, public and private clouds, and in heterogeneous environments.

  • Automate


    Write dynamic policies that automatically create and configure infrastructure
  • Search


    Search your entire infrastructure at any time--and use real-time data in your policies
  • Scale


    Manage complexity with the most scalable automation platform on the planet.
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Chef Delivery

Delivery reinforces DevOps best practices for delivering applications and infrastructure faster and more safely than ever. Use Delivery to ship your changes when the business wants to, with fewer defects and less effort by combining automated testing with explicit review and approval gates.

  • Innovate


    Deliver software and infrastructure changes rapidly and safely
  • Visualize


    See every change, in every project, quickly and easily, with full traceability of changes
  • Test


    Automatically test changes with any dependencies. Ensure reliable deployments
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Chef Compliance

Use Chef Compliance to scan your entire IT infrastructure and get easy to understand reports on compliance issues, security risks, and out of date software. Classify compliance issues by severity and impact levels that you define. Build security and compliance checks into your software deployment pipeline.

  • Scan


    Scan your entire infrastructure for risks and compliance issue
  • Audit


    Get started quickly with pre-built profiles for CIS, Linux and Windows
  • Report


    Get reports on risks and issues classified by severity and impact levels
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Chef Analytics

Chef Analytics is an intelligence platform that allows you to quickly and easily query, visualize, and report on any operational events within your Chef-managed infrastructure. Get notifications across multiple alerting platforms and generate reports across a variety of formats and platforms.

  • Query


    Search events generated by Chef
  • Visualize


    See the state of your infrastructure at a glance
  • Report


    Export operational data from Chef to Splunk Enterprise
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High Availability

Make your Chef cluster bulletproof with a high availability solution that works on-premise or in the cloud. If the active Chef Server fails, the failure is automatically detected and the second Chef server takes over as the primary ensuring maximum uptime.

  • Safety


    Mitigates against a single point of component failure
  • Backup


    Fast replication between active & passive servers
  • Recover


    Chef policies remain safe and uncorrupted during failover
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