Chef Automate in Federal Government

Accelerate the ATO process using continuous compliance

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Chef Automate in Federal Government

Quickly deliver high quality applications while maintaining compliance

Ensuring compliance standards traditionally involves slow, manual, post-build security scanning as part of an ATO (Authority to Operate) process. Unfortunately, this approach catches compliance-related defects far too late in the process, creating rework for engineers that cascades into multiple negative scenarios; budget overruns, schedule slippage, and dissatisfied users.

Through continuous automation, Chef Automate incorporates compliance processes into every stage of your development cycle so you become continuously compliant, significantly mitigating, if not removing, these pain points.

STIG Automation with Chef and InSpec

John Ray, Sr. Consultant at Shadow-Soft, explores how to use InSpec to ingest STIG data, how to read and determine what STIGs apply to you, and how to remediate those STIGs with Chef.

Applying Compliance Frameworks on Azure Government

Microsoft Azure Government enables compliance around your infrastructure. Chef Automate and InSpec are designed to enable you to make your systems themselves compliant. This webcast shows you how easy it is to take the existing CIS/STIG controls and translate them into InSpec, enabling teams to operate at velocity by automating their compliance and security posturing into their infrastructure development processes.

“…with Chef compliance, I can write a remediation for [vulnerabilities] that day & put them online. That’s the kind of benefit you get when you go with Chef compliance.”

 – John Ray, Senior Consultant