Chef Enterprise Automation Stack

Make Application Delivery Frictionless

Chef Enterprise Automation Stack offers a modern approach for organizations to deliver value quickly, repeatedly, and securely over every application’s lifecycle.

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Chef EAS Explained

Chef Enterprise Automation Stack is an automation system that allows teams to express infrastructure, security policies, and application lifecycle dependencies as code, to deliver that code via an automated pipeline, and to deploy, observe, and manage the technology lifecycle. It helps organizations deliver hardened systems and applications on any platform, on-premises or in the cloud with ease, making updates and changes painless.

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Common Use Cases

Application Delivery

Ease the burden of managing every application over its lifecycle. Reliably, safely, and repeatedly deliver infrastructure and application changes into production while using the pipeline tools you use today.

Cloud Migration

Move your applications to the cloud without a rewrite, while modernizing the way you manage the technology lifecycle. Eliminate the costs of maintaining old or end-of-life infrastructure.

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Patch Management

Identify unpatched and insecure systems, prioritize remediation, and apply patches safely and quickly. Deliver applications with only the dependencies they need, reducing risk while simplifying patching over app lifetimes.

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Deliver to Kubernetes

Build efficient containers with defined dependencies and nothing your applications do not need. Deliver any application to Kubernetes and simplify updates over the application lifecycle.

Technology Lifecycle Management

Ease the burden of maintaining and updating infrastructure and infrastructure applications over their lifetimes. Deliver updates instantly and avoid change failures that lead to downtime or costly rollbacks.

Become a Coded Enterprise

A Coded Enterprise moves with velocity and engenders trust, repeatedly and securely delivering value to customers via its application portfolio. Chef Enterprise Automation Stack helps your organization become a Coded Enterprise, defining infrastructure, security, and app lifecycle concerns as code to drive automation at scale and place more focus on what really matters: delivering value to the customer.

From Burdensome Applications

  • Application updates that fail for unknown reasons
  • A tangled web of fragile application dependencies
  • Reliance on old, hard-to-support infrastructure
  • Slow patching and exposure to risk
  • No path to Kubernetes or the cloud

To Frictionless Applications

  • Fast and reliable updates, safely delivered to production
  • Explicitly defined and visible application dependencies
  • Freedom to move apps to any infrastructure platform
  • Patch with confidence and eliminate windows of exposure
  • Move apps to modern platforms without a rewrite

Benefits of Chef Enterprise Automation Stack


Frictionless application lifecycle

By managing everything an application relies on as code, you can eliminate the friction caused by manual steps, custom workarounds, and unknown dependencies that make apps difficult to update, secure, and maintain.


A consistent path to production

Drive efficiency and repeatability in how you deliver applications over their lifecycle. Safely make changes when needed, and get all your apps – from legacy to modern – moving with velocity.


Make applications portable

Free applications from legacy infrastructure and move them to the cloud, Kubernetes, or anywhere else they need to go without having to rewrite them.


Align organizational groups

Collaborate through code. Align operations teams, app developers, and information security by managing everything applications rely on through consistent, trusted, and scalable code.

Define the Stack as Code and Deliver It via a Modern Pipeline

Chef Enterprise Automation Stack allows you to define infrastructure, security policies, and application dependencies as code, deliver the stack via an automated pipeline to any platform, and deploy, observe, and manage the stack over its lifecycle. Curated content and scanning accelerate codifying the stack, and integration with popular software delivery tools provides a safe and consistent path to production.


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