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Chef Infra in 60 Seconds

Making your automation journey easier and more powerful.

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Today's Chef Infra gives DevSecOps teams the tools they need to make infrastructure-as-code a reality in the cloud, on-prem, or on the edge.

Chef Infra begins with the chef-client. The small agent interprets your Chef code and applies it to your nodes automatically. It can manage settings, install software, open and close ports, and manipulate thousands of Linux, Windows, and macOS system resources.

Use Chef Infra Server to store and distribute your Chef content and track the state of your systems. Infra Server and your managed nodes work together to quickly and securely configure even the largest, most complex environments.

Chef has been part of the DevOps revolution for more than 10 years and we continue to innovate like adding Compliance Phase. It allows you to easily bundle Infra management with InSpec compliance in one step.

These are just some of the ways Chef is leading in DevSecOps. Learn more about the latest Chef Infra features here.