Delivery Readiness: Preparing your team for Chef Delivery

Yesterday we held a webinar on Delivery Readiness: Preparing your team for Chef Delivery. We briefly defined Continuous Delivery, talked about the values that CD adds to an organization and how Chef Delivery fits in that picture. The focus of the webinar was on common criteria that emerged among our first set of Chef Delivery customers.

Some of those patterns will be familiar to existing Chef users (e.g. local development), others are new prescriptions (e.g. use git and feature-branch model of software development). The webinar concluded with a 20-minute Q&A session that we’ve listed below. You can watch the full recording here:

For those interested in a more in-depth demo of Chef Delivery, reach out to your Chef rep or email . Delivery is currently available by invitation only. You can register at to receive updates as availability expands.

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#cheffriends at Velocity Santa Clara 2015

The Velocity Conference holds a special place in the hearts of Awesome Chefs everywhere. For many of us, DevOps was born with John Allspaw and Paul Hammond’s 10+ Deploys Per Day at Velocity 2009. Since then, Chef founders, employees, and many of the Chef Community’s most ardent supporters have graced the Velocity stage year after year, sharing practices, challenges, experiences, laughs, and more.

This year’s Velocity Santa Clara once again brings together a diverse group of voices from the Chef Community – potentially the single largest collection of Chef stories at a single Velocity yet.

Read on for a full itinerary of Chef goodness at next week’s show and if you’re attending, be sure to swing by booth 321 for Chef Tees, stickers, mints, and the popular “DevOps Kung Fu” posters.

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Awesome Community Chef – Kavita Sachdeva

ChefConf 2015 was awesome for so many reasons, including our first ever Diversity Scholarship program, designed to give those underrepresented in the Chef Community an opportunity to take part in the conference with free passes.

Kavita Sachdeva was one of our scholarship recipients and she’s already gotten involved in the Chef Community in a major way. A former biochemistry major at the University of Wisconsin, Kavita discovered the joy of programming while working the university’s IT help desk, relishing each new challenge and learning opportunity.

“I started training folks on simple administrative tasks, then just grew from there. I was more excited about work than school and that’s when it really clicked for me that programming software was what I wanted to do.”

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Chef Supports AWS in New AWS Pop-Up Loft in New York

We’re very excited to announce we are once again supporting our friends at AWS in bringing the wildly popular AWS Pop-up Loft to New York. Building on the success of the Pop-up Loft in San Francisco, we’re joining with Intel to support the AWS Pop-up Loft to bring DevOps and cloud best practices to New York City.

We continue to hear from customers, such as those at the Loft in San Francisco, that Chef and AWS are a natural fit. By working together we can help developers and IT pros – whether they’re in the enterprise or at a startup – use automation and the cloud to achieve web speed and scale. Next at the AWS Pop-up Loft in New York, customers will have access to a unique space and a full schedule of trainings, evening events, and more that will help them learn even more about AWS and Chef. Located at 350 West Broadway in New York’s SOHO neighborhood, the Loft will open on Thursday, June 25, operating Monday through Friday, 10 am to 6 pm.


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System Archaeology Through Testing

As you may be aware, I have been working on a Chef audit-mode cookbook that implements the CIS Benchmarks. I recently added coverage for Ubuntu 14.04. In this post, I want to share a discovery about OS-level configuration that is inherently against the recommendation from the benchmark, and the way users can remediate this using Chef.

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Public Supermarket: The Insider’s Tour

I recently gave a webinar on Chef Supermarket. If you missed it, you can watch the recording here:

Users learned how to make full use of Chef Supermarket and best practices for both using cookbooks from Chef Supermarket and uploading cookbooks to Chef Supermarket.

What is Supermarket?

Supermarket is the one stop shop for Chef community cookbooks and tools.

It’s worth mentioning that there are currently two versions of Supermarket. There is the public Supermarket site and also a private version of Supermarket the companies can use behind a firewall.

This blog post will only cover the public Supermarket, but be on the lookout for a new webinar and blog post about using private Supermarket soon!

How do I use Supermarket?

There are two ways to interact with Chef Supermarket.

The first is through the web browser at

The other is through the command line, using the knife tool’s cookbook site commands:

knife cookbook site
For more information about using the knife cookbook site commands, please check out this blog post: Using Chef Supermarket: A Guided Tour.

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ChefDK 0.6.0 Released!

Hi Chefs, We've released ChefDK 0.6.0, which you can find on our downloads page.

This release has three changes from ChefDK 0.5.1:

  • New chef provision command.
  • Berkshelf is upgraded to 3.2.4
  • Kitchen Vagrant is upgraded to 0.18.0

Chef Provision Command

To make it easier to get started with Chef Provisioning, and also to provide a provisioning mechanism that works with Policyfiles, we've added a chef provision command. By default, this will invoke chef-client against a cookbook named "provision" in your current working directory. chef provision allows you to optionally pass in some parameters via CLI options to make Chef Provisioning work like knife bootstrap for simple automated VM provisioning use cases. You can also ignore the command line parameters and manage clusters in a convergent manner.

To learn more, check out the provisioning README in the ChefDK repo. Since we've only used chef provision for a few of the use cases that Chef Provisioning supports, we're considering the command beta for now. Once we get more experience with it and its APIs settle, we'll document it on our docs site and integrate it with ChefDK's generators. If you try it and find that it doesn't support your use case, feel free to file an issue or pull request.

Happy Cheffing!

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Chef Management Console 1.13.0 Release

Manage 1.13.0 is now available from the Chef downloads site.

This release adds a session_timeout setting that lets you force users’ sessions to end after a specified number of minutes. See the manage.rb documentation for all available settings.

As always you can see the public changelog on hosted Chef at

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Chef and Microsoft – DevOps party at Ignite

Last week we spent a week in Chicago at Microsoft’s biggest user event.  The ‘new’ Microsoft came through loud and clear with a message rooted in multi-platform, open source, and DevOps. If you’re a Chef user, interested in DevOps, or just following the incredible transformation that Microsoft is undergoing keep reading…

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Empowering students with automation and cloud tech at Cal Poly Pomona

This is a guest post from Awesome Chef Jessica DeVita, who is also a technical evangelist at Microsoft.

On May 1st, nearly 50 students and faculty gathered at Cal Poly Pomona for a cloud computing workshop to mark the beginning of the student-run data center project sponsored by the Mitchell C. Hill Center for Applied Business Information Technology. If you’d like to learn more and contribute to the initial use cases, take a look at them here.

Our goal was to empower the students and faculty with automation and cloud computing tools. The students learned the basics of the Microsoft Cloud and building virtual machines in the Azure GUI. They heard about DevOps culture and tools, and a guest speaker from Ticketmaster talked about how Chef is being used in production. All the students then built a web server on virtual infrastructure in Microsoft Azure using Chef to create and deploy the infrastructure and software.


This project was especially meaningful for both Chef and Microsoft, as Mitch Hill was a revered member of our industry and a distinguished leader at both companies. Mitch graduated from Cal Poly Pomona with a B.S. in Economics, eventually becoming a senior partner at Arthur Andersen (now Accenture). In 2000, he became founding CEO of Avanade, a joint venture between Accenture and Microsoft. Most recently he was the CEO of Opscode (now Chef). Prior to his passing, Mitch was selected as a Cal Poly Pomona Distinguished Alumni, accepting the award posthumously on April 25, 2014.

As Mitch said in his 2013 ChefConf keynote,

“Get it right, make it repeatable.”
Our hope is by working with the students at Cal Poly, these principles will be ingrained in their education and serve them well throughout their careers.

Cal Poly Pomona is an amazing supporter of STEM events for kids, for example the CyberGirlz Summit, and is also doing its part to produce a skilled cybersecurity workforce, making the university a premier partner in technology-based education and diversity programs. We were proud to partner with them and our friends at Chef for this workshop and look forward to many more opportunities in the future.

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