ChefDK 0.9 Released

We’re pleased to announce the release of ChefDK 0.9 today, which you can obtain via our downloads page. This release is primarily to upgrade the embedded version of Chef Client to 12.5, which is being released today. You can read about the new features in Chef Client 12.5 in a companion blog post.

In addition to the Chef Client upgrade and the usual bug fixes, ChefDK 0.9 makes it easier for you to customize the cookbook generator by providing a chef generate generator command. This command will create a generator (archetype) cookbook that you can customize and use as a starting point for additional cookbooks to be generated using the ChefDK.

We hope you enjoy using ChefDK 0.9 to explore the new features in Chef Client 12.5. As usual, if you have feedback on how we can continue to improve, please visit our feedback forum. Thanks for using Chef!

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Chef Client 12.5 Released

We’re very excited to announce the release of Chef Client 12.5, which you can obtain via our downloads page. This release has several important new features that we’d like to highlight, so read on for more details.

New custom resource model

One of the greatest things about Chef is its easy extensibility. You can easily add new resource types that represent abstractions for your particular problem domain. While doing so, you can re-use existing built-in Chef resources as building blocks – or even use other people’s custom resources. An example of this would be to add a website resource type to Chef, which you could imagine might be composed of a package, service and template resource.

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Gannett Accelerates Application Deployment from Weeks to Minutes with Chef on AWS

Leading Media Company Automates Full Stack to Enable Continuous Delivery; Presents Results at AWS re:Invent 2015

Chef Achieves New AWS Partner Network DevOps Competency and Advanced Partner Status in APN

SEATTLE and LAS VEGAS – October 6, 2015 – Chef, a leader in automation for DevOps, today announced Gannett, a leading media company and publisher of USA Today, has combined Chef on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to create an automated, secure, and auditable cloud computing strategy that enabled the company to reduce application deployment times from weeks to minutes. Relying on Chef and AWS together, Gannett created a DevOps team to empower developers to automate the full infrastructure and application stack, monitor comprehensively, and rapidly deploy new code more frequently. Gannett built a common deployment methodology for its applications using Chef, and paired this workflow with AWS to simultaneously improve the development cadence and increase visibility across operations and finance teams.

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Supermarket/Berkshelf Dependency API Outage – Public Postmortem Meeting

On Friday, October 2nd, 2015, the dependency API hosted on Supermarket was intermittently returning invalid JSON responses. This caused Berkshelf 2 clients to error when talking to the dependency API. We are sorry that these issues caused problems for members of our community.

At Chef, we conduct postmortem meetings for outages and issues with the site and services. Since Supermarket belongs to the community, we would like to invite you, the community, to listen in or participate in public postmortem meetings for these outages.

When: October 9th, 2015 10:00-10:55 AM PDT (2015-10-09 17:00-17:55 UTC)
Where: Google Hangout link to be provided 5 minutes prior to the meeting via @cwebber and @chef, as well as in #chef on

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Chef Policies: Why, What, and How

On Wednesday, September 30th, software engineer Joshua Timberman presented a webinar on Chef Policies, a new feature of Chef. Policies combine the best parts of roles, environments, and client-side dependency resolvers such as Berkshelf into a single, easy-to-use workflow. By using policies, you can apply a specific set of cookbooks to a node or nodes with a single document. You can first  apply the policies in development, where they can be tested, and then promote them to production safely and reliably. Chef DK now includes a number of new commands to work with policies. In all, you’ll find that policies provide a much more delightful way to manage infrastructure with Chef.

A recording of the webinar is available below. Q&A from the live webinar, including the questions we didn’t have time to answer live is available at the end of this post.

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Chef Management Console 2.0.0 Release

UPDATE (9/28/2015): The build for Manage 2.0.0 has been pulled after bugs were reported. We are quickly working on fixing the issue and will notify you when the new build is complete via our blog.

Manage 2.0.0 is now available from the Chef downloads site.

This release gets a major version bump from 1.21.1 to 2.0.0, with the most major change being that the package is now called “chef-manage” instead of “opscode-manage.”

It’s a major version bump because of the name change, but you shouldn’t find breaking changes or any major overhaul of the web interface.

This release is not currently running on hosted Chef, but is only available for on-premises installation. It will be deployed to hosted Chef soon.

The full change log is shown below.

Upgrading From Earlier Versions

When using Chef server 12.2.0 or earlier and running on Ubuntu, chef-server-ctl install opscode-manage will install a version prior to 2.0.0. To install the latest version, you must use apt-get install chef-manage.

When using Enterprise Linux, chef-server-ctl install opscode-manage will install the latest version of chef-manage.

Change Log

  • Do not reset user’s key when starter kit download fails because of invalid permissions on the validation client
  • Add ability to configure Sentry, Google Analytics, and Marketo
  • Ensure symlink to opscode-manage-ctl is created on postinstall
  • Add ability to lock account after multiple failures to sign in
  • Fix bug where opscode-manage upgrade failed when using yum
  • Fix bug where grant checkbox tooltip would not disappear
  • Allow sign in with email address
  • Add some preliminary ground work for search sorting improvements
  • Fix missing query string when performing searches
  • Move chef-manage app and omnibus files into separate directories
  • Update docs on blog posts in release instructions
  • Upgrade to Rails 4 and Ruby 2
  • Fix typo in development environment instructions
  • Disable grant permissions checkbox on admins group
  • Ensure correct directory is created before creating secrets file
  • Ensure secrets file is created regardless of whether or not manage.rb exists
  • Bind redis on not
  • Clarify dev environment setup instructions
  • Improve password reset link expiration method

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ChefDK 0.8.0 Release

Ohai Chefs! Time for a shiny new ChefDK release :)

ChefDK 0.8.0 is now available at on OS/X (including OS X 10.11, “El Capitan”), Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Windows, Ubuntu and Debian!

Highlights include: Read more ›

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Chef is throwing a Block Party for the Geekwire Summit

Chef and Geekwire have a few things in common: we’re both full-stack tech geeks, we’re both rooted in Seattle, we’re both obsessed with community building, and we’re known to play a bit of ping pong in between coding or reporting sessions.

So Chef is thrilled to host this year’s Geekwire Summit Welcome Party at our new offices in Pioneer Square – 619 Western Ave., Suite 400. We’re opening our doors to all Summit attendees for a Block Party on the evening of Weds. Sept. 30 from 6 – 8:30pm to kick off the event festivities. We’ll have good representation from Seattle’s tech community and hope that you will join us for some great food, drink, and fun.

geekwire party poster-01

John Cook and I will face off for a ping pong match later in the evening – the “loser” will donate $1,000 to the Washington State Opportunity Scholarship supporting STEM education. We’ll have KEXP DJ Darek Mazzone to keep the music flowing, with food and drinks abound.

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Making re:Invent Delightful

AWS re:Invent is just around the corner and we’re pumped for the biggest cloud event of the year. We’re bringing a full contingent of Chefs with big plans to make it a delightful and helpful event for new customers, community members, and partners. We have a number of ways for attendees to interact with the Chef team:



  • Mark your calendars to hear how Gannett powers their IT platforms with Chef, reaching 100 million people per month.
  •  Join us Thursday at 4:15 in Lando room #4301B
  • Schedule a 1:1 Ask an Architect session in our booth.  Want to know about Analytics?  Chef’s integration with AWS?  Get 30 min with a Chef technical expert.
  • Swing by our booth (#1424) for demos, giveaways, and a friendly dose of #hugops
See you in Vegas!

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Nordstrom’s chefdk_bootstrap Cookbook


Nordstrom relies on Chef to manage over 6500 Linux and Windows servers in their data center and in the cloud.

More and more app development teams at Nordstrom are adopting Chef to help them deliver software and manage their infrastructure. These teams want to go from zero to their first cookbook as quickly as possible.

In the past, to get started with Chef, Nordstrom’s app developers had to manually install and configure many unfamiliar tools such as ChefDK, git, a text editor, and a local VM stack. The slow process frustrated the app teams, who are under pressure to reduce cycle time and ship tested, reliable features to support Nordstrom’s customers.

To help new teams adopt Chef as quickly as possible, Nordstrom’s Chef team summer intern, Serena Ahuja, paired with Doug Ireton, Chef team engineer, to write and open source the chefdk_bootstrap cookbook, which sets up a Mac or Windows workstation for Chef development in 20 minutes. At Nordstrom, this has become the standard way new engineers set up their laptops for Chef development.

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