Dan DeLeo

Introduction to Chef

Please join us for a one hour presentation called “Introduction to Chef”. The presentation is a free Web based session that will include a fifteen minute Q&A.

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Chef 0.8.16 and Ohai 0.5.4 Release

It’s Chef release time again! Today we bring you 0.8.16, which fixes bugs we’d missed in 0.8.14. Akzhan Abdulin is your MVP for fixing a bug in cookbook display in the Web UI. Thanks, Akzhan!

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Chef 0.8.14 Release

It’s Chef release time again! This time, we’re skipping 0.8.12 and heading right to 0.8.14 due to a hiccup in our publishing process. Chef 0.8.14 has a huge amount of bug fixes and improvements, thanks to the tireless work of our awesome community. Most importantly, Chef 0.8.

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