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Chef 11.4.4 and Chef 10.24.4 Released

Chef 11.4.4 and 10.24.4 Released We’ve released Chef 11.4.4 and 10.24.4 to fix some bugs introduced in the previous release: CHEF-3432: Chef client was keeping references to “stale” LWRP classes, which caused a memory leak when running Chef as a daemon without the –fork option.

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Chef 11 In-Depth: Client Improvements

Chef 11 In-Depth: Client Improvements On the client side, Chef 11 development focused on a broad range of improvements rather than a few major features. We had two sweet new features from our Co-MVPs, and a handful of improvements from Opscode.

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Chef 11 In-Depth: Attributes Changes

Chef 11 In-Depth: Attributes Rewrite Chef’s attributes system is frequently cited by power users as one of their favorite features. Chef users love having the flexibility to tune their applications based on a node’s role or environment. Since we first introduced the current attributes system in Chef 0.

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Chef 10.18.2 Bugfix Release

Chef 10.18.2 Patch Release We’ve released Chef 10.18.2. This release fixes a bug where warning messages were incorrectly printed. Tickets Bug [CHEF-3771] – Spurious resource cloning warnings in 10.18.

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Ohai 6.16.0 Released!

Ohai 6.16.0 Released! Today we’ve released Ohai 6.16.0 featuring 21 bug fixes and improvements. Sascha Bates split up the Windows kernel plugin. If you’re not using the driver information, you can disable the “windows::kernel_devices” plugin to greatly reduce the amount of memory consumed by Ohai data in your Chef runs.

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Chef 10.18.0 Released!

Chef 10.18.0 is now available in the usual places, with 30 bug fixes and improvements. Reminder Before we go over what’s new in 10.18.0, I’d like to remind you that we released a security fix for Chef Server last Friday. It’s extremely important that you upgrade as soon as possible.

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Chef 10.16.6 Security Release

We've released version 10.16.6 of Chef. The only change in this release is that chef-server-api and chef-server-webui have changed their dependency on the extlib gem to require at least version 0.9.16. This change patches a potential vulnerability similar to the vulnerability recently disclosed and fixed in rails.

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Chef 0.10.0 Released!

After a lengthy testing process, we’re very proud to announce that Chef 0.10.0 is officially released. Chef 0.10 is a huge step forward, improving many aspects of the Chef experience.

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Chef 0.10 Preview: chefignore

Here’s the issue: we love our text editors and version control systems, but, despite all the indespensible things these tools do for us, they sometimes leave behind temporary or data files that we don’t want to distribute to every host in our infrastructure. Before Chef 0.

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Chef 0.10 Preview: Knife Plugins and UI

Chef 0.10 Preview: Knife Plugins knife began as a simple thor script created by Joshua Sierles of 37signals. As soon as we saw it, we knew it was such a great idea that we had to incorporate it into Chef. With a bit of a redesign, Chef 0.

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