Dan DeLeo

Chef 0.10 Preview: Environments

Chef 0.10 recently hit the release candidate phase of the release process, so I’d like to give you all a preview of the new features in Chef while we’re finalizing the code. The biggest new feature in Chef 0.10 is environment support, so we’ll start there.

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Chef 0.9.16 Released!

While we’re full steam ahead on Chef 0.10 here at Opscode, we know that upgrading a critical component of your infrastructure can take time. For that reason, we’re releasing some updates to Chef 0.9 to keep you running smoothly on 0.9 until you can upgrade.

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Ohai 0.6.2 Bugfix Release

Yesterday’s Ohai release had a critical windows bug that slipped through our beta testing. We’ve released Ohai 0.6.2 with a fix for this issue. Special thanks to Doug MacEachern for finding and patching this issue. Ohai 0.6.2 also contains a fix to set a read timeout when querying EC2’s metadata servers.

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Ohai 0.6.0 Released!

It’s been a long time coming, so we are pleased to announce that Ohai 0.6.0 is released, including more than 40 bug fixes and improvements. Before getting into the details, I’d like to congratulate this release’s MVP, Kurt Yoder.

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Chef 0.9.12 Released

Today we have a small release of Chef to fix a few bugs that slipped through the testing process for 0.9.10. Fixed in 0.9.12: CHEF-1706: Using node in an attributes file causes an infinite loop when loading the file in shef. CHEF-1480: Chef passes the invalid option -r to usermod.

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Chef 0.9.10, Ohai 0.5.8, and Mixlib::Log 1.2.0 Released!

Today we have a triple release of Chef, Ohai and Mixlib::Log, with more than 75 bug fixes, improvements, and new features. A Sharper Knife Chef 0.9.10 features many improvements to knife. One of the most exciting improvements comes courtesy of Doug MacEachern: a bootstrap script for windows.

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Chef 0.9.8 and Mixlib Authentication 1.1.4 Released

Today I’m happy to announce the release of Chef 0.9.8, which is the first major feature update to the Chef 0.9 line and contains improvements and bug fixes in nearly every part of chef. Bootstrapping With Flavor Courtesy of many-time MVP Ian Meyer we now have support for using custom bootstrap scripts with knife.

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Chef 0.9.6 Released

Chef 0.9.6 Released Hot on the heels of 0.9.4, I’m happy to announce the release of Chef 0.9.6. Chef 0.9.6 fixes some bugs we introduced when we cleaned up our file loading code in 0.9.2, which caused `shef` to crash on start.

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Chef 0.9.4 Released

Chef 0.9.4 Released I’m happy to announce another release of Chef. This time around, we found a backwards compatibility issue right after publishing 0.9.2, so we’re moving on up to 0.9.4. These are bugfix releases that address the issues we’ve found since releasing 0.9.0 last week. Fixed in 0.9.

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Chef 0.9.0 and Ohai 0.5.6 Released

Chef 0.9.0 Released Today I’m very happy to announce the release of Chef 0.9.0, Ohai 0.5.6, and mixlib-config 1.1.2. Chef 0.9.0 Brings some new features, a ton of under-the-hood cleanup, and lays the foundation for some big improvements ahead on the roadmap.

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