Eric Calabretta

Eric is a Lead Solutions Architect at Chef Software. He has been in the IT Industry for over 14 years including time with Hewlett Packard Enterprise, FirstEnergy and The Timken Company.

Automated Application Rollback with Chef

This is a follow up to the post Automated Rollback the Ultimate Application Release Insurance Policy in which we discuss key implementation considerations related to application rollback and rollforward. Chef Habitat is an open-source automation solution that enables you to define, package and deliver your applications to any environment without rewriting or refactoring.

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Automated Application Rollback Insurance for Release Teams

Sometimes in IT certain terms take on a life of their own. They push past their original meaning and become something different, rollback is one of these terms. In the language of enterprise IT, “rollback” means getting the system back into a working state.

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Edge Computing: Compliance, Developer Productivity, and Configuration Inconsistencies Top the List of Key Challenges

The edge computing term has become one of the next big buzz words in the IT world. The concept of edge computing is not new and has been around for a while. In fact, almost every organization probably already has one or more use cases that would fall into the bucket of edge computing.

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How CSG Decreased Audit Times by 80% Through Automation

When it comes to audits, many organizations face a dilemma: how to decrease the time and effort spent while improving results? In preparation for an annual PCI audit, Carter McHugh, Executive Director of Agile Architecture at CSG International, decided to partner with Chef Software to automate their audit processes.

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