Jesse Robbins

Chef Co-Founder & Advisor

Gov 2.0 Presentation: Scaling, Automation, & Management in the Cloud

Gov 2.0: Scaling, Automation, & Management in the Cloud View more presentations from Jesse Robbins.

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Christopher Brown (VP of Engineering, Opscode, Inc.) interview at Web 2.0 Expo SF 2010

May 10, 2010 — Christopher Brown joins Opscode from Microsoft, where he was a Director of Engineering for the Edge Computing Network within Global Foundation Services. Prior to Microsoft, Christopher was a Founding Member, Architect, and Lead Developer for Amazon.coms Elastic Compute Cloud (“EC2”).

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Announcing a very special release: Elizabeth Gregory Jacob

This week we are pleased to announce a very special release: Elizabeth Gregory Jacob. The Release MVP is Katie Bethell who worked literally non-stop for the past 9 months, with assistance from Adam Jacob . Both will be critical to the ongoing development of what looks like a very promising project. Congratulations, and Awesome work!

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Data Driven Application Deployment with Chef

We are pleased to announce the release of two new cookbooks to aid in deploying applications that are designed to be completely data driven. The new cookbooks are: application database They are designed to work with a Chef Server such as the Opscode Platform, and be driven by Data Bags and Search Indexes.

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Opscode HQ has moved to 1008 Western Ave, Suite #600, Seattle, WA 98104

Our new address is 1008 Western Ave, Suite #600, Seattle, WA 98104 View Opscode HQ in a larger map

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Peek Infrastructure Automation with Opscode Chef + Ubuntu & Amazon EC2

Peek makes a simple mobile device that sends & receives unlimited email (& SMS, twitter, facebook, and more) from anywhere in the US for a low monthly fee. It’s kind of like an email-only Blackberry, and is super cool. The Peek is becoming quite popular & they are continuing to grow in EC2.

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Chef 0.8.10 Release

Chef 0.8.10 is upon us. The big news for this release is we updated the version dependencies, so that Merb 1.0.15 is installed. As we upgrade the Chef Server to support Merb 1.1.0, we’ll be updating this version dependency as well (there is a great reason – Ruby 1.9 support!

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"3 Questions" with Damon Edwards ( at Cloud Connect

3 Questions with Jesse Robbins at Cloud Connect 2010 from on Vimeo. We play a round of “3 Questions” with Damon Edwards at Cloud Connect in San Jose on March 17, 2010. What brought you to Cloud Connect? What aspect of Clouds currently excites you?

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451 Group Report on Opscode and Chef

Rachel Chalmers , Research Director at the 451 Group , recently profiled Opscode , saying: “In mid-January, Chef celebrated its first birthday. Opscode, the commercial backer of the project, was understandably pleased with its accomplishments.

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Ada Lovelace Day: Lauren Bricker

Today is Ada Lovelace day , which is an opportunity to recognize some of the many women in computing we admire. One of those women is Software Engineer, AP Computer Science Teacher, and Geek Generator Dr. Lauren Bricker .

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