Jesse Robbins

Chef Co-Founder & Advisor

Video of Michael T. Nygard on “Chef in the Cloud and On the Ground”

InfoQ just posted a great video & presentation of Michael T. Nygard talking about using Chef in the datacenter and in the cloud for managing physical and virtual systems at GOTO Aarhus.

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Like our new Facebook Page?

We (re)created the Opscode Facebook Page.

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Jesse Robbins interview on DevOps Cafe #19 (w/ full transcript!)

Opscode’s Jesse Robbins is interviewed by Damon Edwards & John Willis of DTO Solutions on the DevOpsCafe Postcast. Topics include the origins of DevOps within Amazon & elsewhere, Jesse’s culture hacks, and enterprise adoption.

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Cloud Foundry PaaS Everywhere with Opscode Chef!

Our friends on the Cloud Foundry PaaS team at VMware just announced that Cloud Foundry now works across multiple cloud providers and is fully deployed and configured with Chef!

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Announcing Mitch Hill as new CEO of Opscode & Jesse Robbins’ role as Chief Community Officer

Some history… In June of 2008, Adam Jacob, Barry Steinglass, Nathan Haneysmith, and I set out to (as Nathan put it) “Bring Infrastructure Automation to the Masses”.  We were building what we believed could become the central configuration utility for the world’s infrastructure.

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sysadminning? more like sysadwinning! ;-)

sysadminning? more like sysadwinning!

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Happy Systems Administrator Appreciation Day!

SysAdmin is a title worn proudly at Opscode… because SysAdmins are awesome. Today, July 29th 2011, is officially SysAdmin Appreciation Day, and fellow SysAdmins… thank you for all the work that you do.

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Jesse Robbins interview “On the Money”: Opscode, DevOps, & more (transcript)

A few weeks ago I was invited to appear on Mike Adams’ “On The Money”, a business radio show on KKNW 1150.  It was a fun conversation.  A transcript of my segment is below: Mike Adams: Welcome back to “On the Money.” You’re listening to Mike Adams of Adams Financial Concepts.

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Opscode is hiring a Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)

As many of you know, over the past 18 months, Chef has become the standard for cloud infrastructure automation, and is used by RightScale, EngineYard, VMware, Rackspace, OpenStack, and many others. Chef works anywhere: in data-centers, inside virtual machines, on desktops, and in the cloud.

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DevOps = Tools + Culture @ Interop Las Vegas 2010

DevOps @ InterOP Las Vegas – Jesse Robbins – Opscode View more presentations from Jesse Robbins. I realized that I hadn’t posted my presentation on DevOps from Interop Las Vegas .

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