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Chef Co-Founder & Advisor

A Chef First: Kamal builds an entire app server in a single tweet!

Last night one of our favorite Chefs Kamal Fariz Mahyuddin (@kamal on twitter) achieved another first, an entire app server configured in a single tweet. This awesomeness was worth memorializing here. Nice work Kamal!

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Adam Jacob interview on John Willis’ Cloud Cafe

John Willis interviews Opscode’s CTO Adam Jacob at Velocity 2009.

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Adam Jacob & Ezra Zygmuntowicz demo Chef & Nanite at Velocity 2009

Utilizing a mixture of open source tools (such as Chef, Nanite, CouchDB, and RabbitMQ) and battle-tested techniques, Adam and Ezra will show you how to build an infrastructure that’s easy to manage, integrates with your application, and is self-documenting.

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Transcript from Cloud Cafe Episode #31: "Opscode Introduces Chef"

Adam’s podcast with John Willis last week covered so much detail that I decided it was worth transcribing. You can listen to the Podcast Here, and you can subscribe to the podcast here. Cloud Cafe #31 – Opscode Introduces Chef [0:02] [music] John Willis: [0:18] All right, hey, this is John Willis at johnmwillis.

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Announcing Chef

I’m pleased to announce the release of Chef, a systems integration framework that brings the benefits of configuration management to your entire infrastructure. With Chef, you can: Manage your servers by writing code, not by running commands.  Integrate tightly with your applications, databases, LDAP directories, and more.

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