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Novartis Conducts 39 Yrs of Computing in 11 Hours w/Cycle Computing and Chef

Back in February of last year, we wrote a post about how our friends at Cycle Computing put Chef 11 through its paces with a big compute project for a huge pharmaceutical company. Of course, at the time we couldn’t name the Big Pharma company involved. Now we can.

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Welcome (more) New Chefs!

Continuing our series of posts on new engineering (or engineering-related) additions to the Chef team, today we’re highlighting a number of folks who joined over the past week.

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Guest Editorial: “Build fast, then build right” by Kate Matsudaira

The second entry from our upcoming collection of editorials entitled The Quiet Revolutionaries comes from our friend Kate Matsudaira, founder of popforms. Kate takes a look at the various degrees of speed and scale at play in IT today, and gives her guidance on delivering quality software quickly, beginning with the minimum viable product.

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Highlights from Velocity 2014

We had a ton of fun at Velocity last week! Thank you to all those who stopped by our booth, our hack, our sessions, or stopped us in the hallway for a chat. And thank you to the whole O’Reilly team for putting on another delightful conference.

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#ChefTalks: “Realities of Empowerment” w/ Jez Humble and Rachel Chalmers

Another new video in our continuing series of #ChefTalks, with Jez and Rachel discussing the myths of failure within organizations, the challenges to real empowerment, and the importance of safety. “People have to understand that failure and success is not a performance issue of an individual, it’s characteristic of the system.

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#ChefTalks: Culture and Diversity in DevOps w/Rachel Chalmers and Jez Humble

Today we have another video in our ongoing #ChefTalks video series. Once again, Rachel Chalmers and Jez Humble are providing fresh perspectives and insights into culture, diversity, and change in IT. The below video provides a quick look at culture vs. tools, what DevOps is today, and where it needs to go.

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Energy Research Lab Deploys Chef

NREL to Automate and Secure Cloud Infrastructure, Empowering Faster and More Reliable Research Chef today announced the Energy Department’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has deployed Enterprise Chef™ to power vital energy research by harnessing the potential of cloud computing.

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#ChefTalks: “Realities of Cultural Change” w/ Jez Humble and Rachel Chalmers

We’re continuing our new series of #ChefTalks videos with an insightful segment from Jez Humble and Rachel Chamlers. In today’s video, Jez and Rachel discuss the challenges and realities of cultural change within organizations.

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Welcome New Chefs!

Both Chef and the Chef Community are growing like crazy these days. We’ve realized many of you in the community might like knowing the folks joining our team who will be working on Chef itself, or supporting your success. As with many things, it’s better to start small.

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Hang w/Chef @ Velocity Next Week

We’re pumped to be at Velocity again this year and can’t wait to be on the ground in Santa Clara next Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. We hope you’ll join us for a bunch of awesome Chef happenings, including: * We’re hosting a hack on Tuesday from 1:30pm to 5:00pm.

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