Michael Ducy

Former Chef Employee

Application Packaging for Modern 12 Factor Applications

One of the defining characteristics of Habitat is the packaging technology. Packaging is in no way a new concept. Operating System vendors have solved this problem for sometime using tools like RPM, Debian Packages, Yum, Apt, etc.

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Building Developer Services with Habitat

Something we often talk about in the arena of DevOps is the need for cultural or organizational change. One thing that’s often missing from the conversation is the virtuous cycle that tends to occur between People, Process, and Technology.

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Habitat and Twelve-Factor Applications

Twelve-Factor Applications are not something revolutionary or new. The concepts were originally published over 5 years ago, however they are are still relevant today as they were then.

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Running Habitat Applications on Kubernetes

Containers continue to take the IT world by storm and container orchestration platforms are a major part of how you build and ship software in a modern way. Kubernetes is a great example of the growth of this segment, and has emerged as one of the leaders of this space.

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Container Compliance and Security: Beyond Vulnerabilities

One trend as you look at the container market is stronger emphasis on the security of containers. Most of this emphasis is in regards to shipping software with known vulnerabilities in your container images, such as software that’s distributed as part of your Operating System.

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Introducing Scaffolding and Multi-Service Supervisor in Habitat 0.20.0

We recently released Habitat 0.20.0, which introduced two new features: Scaffolding and Multi-Service Supervisor. These features continue to make it easy to build, deploy, and manage your applications with Habitat. (For a more in-depth look at Multi-Service Supervisors you can read this blog post.

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Chef at KubeCon Europe

Last week Chef was in Berlin for the 2017 edition of Kubecon EU. For me personally, this was my second CloudNativeCon/Kubecon, and it definitely lived up to my expectations. The attendees of CloudNativeCon/Kubecon seem to be some of the brightest conference attendees I’ve seen.

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Simplifying Container Management with Habitat

Containers provide a delightful development experience. It’s easy to download a container image and get started writing code. But it’s a different story when you have to run containers in production at scale. That’s when all the hidden complexities become apparent and the real challenges begin.

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Chef and Habitat at Container World 2017

Last week, Chef sponsored and attended Container World in Santa Clara, CA . This was an unofficial stop on the ongoing Hands on Habitat World Tour, and we held a well attended workshop on getting started with Habitat and containers.

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Chef is heading to Container World 2017 with the Habitat Team

As containers continue to take over modern application architectures, it’s hard to cut through the noise and figure out what are the emerging best practices. That’s why Chef is excited to be participating in Container World 2017 at the Santa Clara Convention Center, February 21-23.

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