Stuart Paterson

Stuart Paterson is a Principal Engineer at Chef Software. He is based in Belfast and enjoys solving technical challenges in close collaboration with Chef’s partners. Before joining Chef, Stuart worked in a variety of roles across multiple verticals in Financial Services. His background before that was in particle physics.

Hit the Cloud Running With Chef InSpec Profiles

Following on from the recent announcement that Chef has achieved CIS certification across AWS, Azure and GCP let’s take a deeper look at how to get started with Chef InSpec on these cloud providers.  Starting with InSpec v3.7.7 there is profile generation support for AWS, Azure, and GCP.

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Lifting and Shifting in Practice with Habitat

The world of application packaging and deployment can be viewed as a spectrum where at one end we have hand-crafted installation/run scripts on physical infrastructure and on the other are fully containerized applications making the most of cloud-native services.

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Habitat, Google Container Registry (GCR) and Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)

This short post will explore how we can use Habitat and Google Container Registry to deploy a managed container to Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) with Habitat Operator already installed. The example we will be following is here. Checking this out reveals the following structure: $ tree hab-gcr-demo hab-gcr-demo ├── ├── config │ ├── index.

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InSpec GCP Deep Dive

As recently announced Chef has deepened support for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) by adding InSpec integration. Furthermore, the InSpec GCP resource pack is freely available here – suggestions (and contributions) welcome! Before looking at InSpec GCP let’s ensure we have the necessary prerequisites in place.

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