Chef Announces Partner Certification Program to Deliver Training, Engineering and Go-to-Market Resources for Technology and Services Providers

Accenture Becomes First Global Systems Integrator Joining Chef in Empowering Enterprises to Successfully Adopt DevOps Practices

SEATTLE and SANTA CLARA, Calif. – April 1, 2015 – At ChefConf 2015, Chef, a leader in automation for DevOps, today announced a Partner Certification Program, which empowers Chef’s growing ecosystem of technology and services providers with Chef engineering and go-to-market resources. The program also includes extensive training to certify Chef partners for supporting Chef deployments within their customer bases.

Chef’s Partner Certification Program helps technology and services providers empower their customers to adopt DevOps practices on the journey to high-velocity software development. According to research from Chef director and leading DevOps investigator Nicole Forsgren, Ph.D., high-performing DevOps organizations are twice as likely than their competitors to exceed market share, profitability and productivity goals, and achieve 50 percent market cap growth within a three-year time period. Today, a diverse group of technology and services providers are joining with Chef to drive similar business results for their own customers.

Accenture, the global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company, has become the first global systems integrator to sign on to Chef’s Partner Certification Program. Accenture plans to expand its base of Chef practitioners by training more than 100 people in Chef development methodologies and leading practices. In addition, the two companies will work together to release a number of enterprise Chef cookbooks focusing on enterprise applications as part of the Accenture DevOps offering. This will build on a three-year relationship in which the Chef framework has been used with Accenture clients to automate both infrastructure and application provisioning, while supporting the Accenture Cloud Platform’s Cloud Management Services.

“Our enterprise clients are increasingly turning to us to help accelerate their high-velocity, software-driven businesses by adopting new application strategies enabled by engineering innovations like DevOps,” said Adam Burden, global managing director for Advanced Technology & Architecture at Accenture. “Liquid applications, for example, provide companies with a new way to build software that is faster, more flexible and features reusable components, modular architectures and continuous delivery. Chef is already helping us realize this potential on a number of our client engagements, and we see them playing an important role in the DevOps ecosystem.”

“Faster, high-quality software delivery requires automation and cloud technologies in combination with DevOps practices,” said Ken Cheney, vice president of business development at Chef. “Our partner program brings together a unique set of long-standing technology leaders and new IT innovators in providing both the tools and skills needed to achieve high-velocity software development and IT operations.”

Other Program Participants:

  • Avenue Code: DevOps and mobile experience enables Avenue Code to guide organizations of all sizes on the journey to faster software innovation. Chef and Avenue Code are extending their partnership by certifyingAvenue Code staff through Chef’s partner program.
  • Cascadeo: Advising customers at every step of the cloud deployment journey, Cascadeo has joined the Chef Certified program to drive knowledge of skills and tools for IT automation projects.
  • Fast Robot: An IT consulting company focused on building, scaling and monitoring Web applications. FastRobot is partnering with Chef to help drive their DevOps practice.
  • Level 11: An IT services provider focused on cloud and DevOps-driven deployments at any scale. Level 11 will be continuing its work with Chef through training, certification and joint customer support.
  • Rackspace: The leading managed cloud company continues its two-year relationship with Chef by joining the Partner Program (see separate release). Rackspace has been a major contributor to the Chef community and active in bringing DevOps best practices and expertise to customers through the Rackspace DevOps Automation Service.
  • Relevance Lab: A DevOps-focused technology and services provider, Relevance Lab currently provides Chef customers with training and support in both Asia Pacific and North America.Relevance Lab offers a Chef-powered Orchestration platform called RLCatalyst to help automate application deployment and management.
  • 10th Magnitude: One of the top Microsoft Azure services firms in the US, provides customers with a suite of cloud services that includes Microsoft Azure Migration, Cloud-Scale Custom Application Development, DevOps and Azure-Enabled Infrastructure Automation and Managed Cloud Services.

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