ChefConf 2015: DevOps, Velocity, and Community

ChefConf 2015 welcomed 1500 attendees and 42 sponsors over our four day event. If you weren’t able to attend or just want to relive it all over again, here are a few of the highlights:




  • Delivery with Chef: We announced Chef Delivery, a new DevOps workflow product that enables continuous delivery of infrastructure and applications. Watch Seth Falcon’s presentation to hear about our experience building a continuous delivery solution at Chef, the philosophy behind the workflow we encoded, and see a demo of the results of our efforts.
  • Compliance at Velocity: James Casey talks about the problems managing compliance in a high velocity business along with examples of how Chef analytics helps solve some of these problems.
  • Chef Provisioning: Chef All the Things:  John Keiser shares how you can use Chef to: create, test, orchestrate and manage distributed clusters; use image factories to quickly deploy large infrastructures and keep machines secure; manage Docker containers and hosts with Chef provisioning.


Customer highlights:


Jamie Bright

Former Chef employee