Empowering Your DevOps Journey: 10 Reasons to Embrace SaaS-Based Solutions

There is an increasing trend among organizations to look for cloud-based solutions and DevOps tools are no exception. Enterprises looking to revamp their IT ecosystems and cloud-inclined startups are eager to move DevOps solutions off-premises.

A good DevOps transformation improves team collaboration and results in efficient and faster software development pipelines. The benefits increase when done with a cloud-centric approach. Here are 10 reasons why organizations should consider a SaaS-based solution in their DevOps journey.

  1. No initial infrastructure cost: When you opt for a SaaS-based solution for DevOps, you don’t need to spend on procurement of servers, storage needs, network equipment, software licenses, etc. All these are covered by the vendor who is providing a SaaS-based solution.
  2. No installation cost: You just need an internet connection and a browser. On-premises solutions need you to hire skilled people to set up the infrastructure and install the software across devices like servers and end devices. In a SaaS-based solution, there is no effort needed as the vendor takes care of this.
  3. No maintenance and support costs: With on-premises solutions, support and maintenance are entirely the team’s responsibility. This results in additional efforts and costs in building a maintenance team whereas in a SaaS solution, this is taken care of by the vendor.
  4. No security vulnerabilities due to delayed software patch updates: According to a recent report, organizations annually spend an average of 18,000 hours and $1 million+ on patching activities. With a wealth of equipment to manage and testing delays, organizations often take 100+ days to apply patches – leaving them vulnerable to cyberattacks. With SaaS solutions, software patches are updated automatically, which enables the optimization of business-critical functions, leading to fewer application crashes and less downtime.
  5. Automatic system or version upgrades help reduce additional spending on resources: With SaaS-based solutions, the software version is continuously updated with the latest features, elevating the end-user experience.
  6. On-demand access to data whenever and wherever required: In SaaS-based solutions, you can access your data from any location, anytime and any device of your choice. All you need is an internet connection and a device with a browser.
  7. Improved data security and protection from physical risks: In a SaaS-based solution, the infrastructure is not actually based on-premises. Instead, it is managed by the vendor who has the responsibility of security and compliance. This reduces any risks related to physical data security like theft or any untoward incident from natural causes.
  8. SaaS is quick to implement, more easy to configure and use: A SaaS-based solution is often more straightforward and quicker to deploy. SaaS-based DevOps platforms are cloud-based and require minimal implementation time. The necessary configurations are available out of the box based on the requirements of the customer and the extent of possible customization. As a result, customers can start using the software as soon as the license is paid for, accelerating the time to value.
  9. Data is backed up automatically to the cloud: Using a SaaS-based solution allows for automatic backup to the cloud. In other words, the data is stored centrally. The cloud makes restoring data more accessible in case of any adverse events. This further helps internal IT departments maintain industry benchmark security measures.
  10. Reduce your carbon footprint: A SaaS-based solution is a good alternative to avoid adding more electronic waste and increasing your carbon footprint. If you choose an on-premises solution, you need to purchase more network equipment, servers and other electronic equipment which will add to your carbon footprint.

This blog is a high-level summary, but we discuss the advantages of a SaaS-based solution for DevOps transformation in detail in this whitepaper. The paper dives deep into the value and cost benefits of a SaaS-based solution for DevOps transformation. You can also consider Progress® Chef® SaaS for your DevOps transformation project. It is an excellent SaaS-based solution to consider for your future DevOps transformation needs.

With Chef SaaS, you get simplified configuration and deployment, continuous compliance audits and automated remediation. Additionally, Chef SaaS provides CSPM capabilities to detect misconfigurations and maintain compliance and governance on multi-cloud accounts and container environments. Chef SaaS helps you to save time and effort by taking care of the setup and deployment of the Chef products, allowing IT Operations teams to focus on accelerating time-to-value and innovation.

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Jnanankur Ghosh

Jnanankur is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Progress responsible for the Chef portfolio. He has worked in product marketing roles in telecom, biometric security, cloud computing, and voice technology domains and takes a keen interest in traveling and sports.