Product Announcement: New Chef Infra Server Automate Functionality and EOL Updates for Chef Manage and Backend

EOL Notice [Date: August 8, 2022]: We have extended the EOL date for Chef Manage 2.5.x+ and Chef Backend 2.x which was previously announced as December 31, 2022.  We will announce the new EOL date by Nov 30, 2022, and new EOL date will be no earlier than Nov 30, 2023.

EOL Notice: The end-of-life (EOL) dates for Chef Manage 2.5.x+, Chef Backend 2.x have been extended from December 31, 2021 to December 31, 2022. 

One of the key ways we are striving to make Chef products easier for enterprises to adopt and scale is by building integrations across the Chef product portfolio that reduce the time and effort needed to be successful. Part of this effort includes establishing Chef Automate as the enterprise management hub and observability solution for all Chef products. 

Today, Chef Automate is included with every Chef subscription. Chef Automate offers visual UIs, real-time interactive dashboards, Identity and Access Management (IAM), third-party integrations, data APIs, and much more. Chef Automate enables Infrastructure, DevOps, Security, Cloud, and Release teams to easily collaborate and get work done, all while maintaining an auditable history of changes to system environments. 

As part of our integration efforts last year we announced that we would be incrementally adding Chef Infra Server capabilities into Chef Automate and depreciating Chef Manage and the Chef Backend on December 31 2021. Moving Chef Infra Server capabilities will provide a superior user experience and reduce management overhead. Chef Automate will also provide an alternative to Chef Manage and Chef Backend with better and improved capabilities. 

Based on customer feedback regarding current priorities and time needed to migrate their existing Chef Infra Server architecture, we have decided to extend the end-of-life (EOL) date for Chef Manage 2.5.x+ and Chef Backend 2.x from December 31, 2022.  We will announce the new EOL date by Nov 30, 2022, and new EOL date will be no earlier than Nov 30, 2023.

Our current focus continues to be around building and improving upon the existing functionality found in Chef Manage into Chef Automate. As part of the Spring 2021 release of the Chef Enterprise Automation Stack (EAS) we introduced the Chef Infra Server dashboards in Chef Automate. The new Chef Infra Server read-only views in Chef Automate provide the same insight as Chef Manage. Soon users will not only be able to view but also edit Chef Infra Server nodes, data bags, environments, roles etc, see policy files and make better use of IAM functionality for their user management needs directly out of Automate. Chef Automate will also support the connectivity to Chef Supermarket.  

Additionally, we are focused on enabling simplified self-serve deployment of Chef Infra high availability (HA) clusters in Chef Automate to address existing Chef Backend customer needs.  

Development activities will continue through the end of 2021 ensuring that: 

  • Coverage of Chef Infra Server views is supported in Automate   
  • Developers can self-deploy highly available Chef Automate clusters on their own  
  • Administrators can connect to their private supermarket instance 

To learn more and/or start planning your migration contact your Customer Success Team today!  

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Sharan Rayakar

Sharan was the Product Manager at Progress Chef.