Release Announcement of Chef Automate High Availability

Chef Automate package from version 4.1.3 onwards will include high availability (HA) as a capability. If you are running critical infrastructure with Chef Compliance or Chef Infrastructure, you can avail this capability of Chef Automate to ensure high uptime and resilience.

Automate HA is an out of the box, enterprise grade capability which not only supports managing compliance and security grade postures of large infrastructure but also provides flexibility to do it in a cost friendly and optimized way. The process to install, deploy, upgrade, and maintain is simple and is supported with rich public documentation guidance.

Few reasons to consider Automate HA:

  • Simple installation process and detailed documentation
  • Enterprise capabilities and high stability with minimal infrastructure downtime
  • Cost optimization by scaling infrastructure when required
  • No single point of failure of installed systems

Automate HA overview

This capability is currently supported in on-prem (RHEL 7, 8 and above, Ubuntu 18, 20, CentOS  7 in 64-bit configuration) and public cloud (AWS) deployment models. Chef Automate with Chef Infra Server, OpenSearch databases, PostgreSQL database, and a bastion system will have to be configured according to the flexible hardware requirements of your business. There are specific command line (CLI) HA commands to setup, validate and maintain HA cluster seamlessly.

The deployment can be done either on on-prem machines or existing virtual machines (VMs), or on public clouds (currently AWS) with or without managed services support. Periodic backups can be generated, and systems can be restored easily. The upgrade process is methodical, and one can either upgrade frontend services followed by backend services or vice-versa.

Migrating to Automate HA

Automate HA capability is an alternative to A2HA solutions previously implemented by professional services and to the Chef Backend solution. Enterprise customers on either of these solutions can plan their migration by talking to their respective customer success managers or account managers.

Customers who are currently using Automate and want an improved uptime of their critical infrastructure can also consider moving to the new Automate HA cluster.

Documentation regarding the migration can be found here.

How to get Automate HA

Download Chef Automate package version 4.1.3 or above to use HA capability.


If you have any further questions on Automate HA or would like to have a detailed conversation about this capability, please reach out to [email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected].

You can also reach out to us on our community Slack channel, #automate2_0.

Enterprise customers can reach out to their respective Customer Success Managers, Customer Architects or Technical Support Team.

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Ankur Mundhra

Ankur Mundhra is a Senior Product Manager at Progress Chef.

Karunesh Kumar

Karunesh is the Engineering Manager at Progress Chef. He is part of the Automate High Availability team.