Transition from AWS OpsWorks to Progress Chef and Plan for the Future

Amazon has recently announced that it will discontinue the support of AWS OpsWorks for Chef Automate—a fully managed configuration management service that hosts Chef Automate. However, if you use AWS OpsWorks for Chef Automate, you can either move to Chef SaaS or self-host on your EC2 instance or use Bring Your Own License model to AWS Marketplace.

In this blog, we will discuss the options OpsWorks users can explore to continue leveraging Chef products to manage their infrastructure. We are committed to providing continued value and support for all AWS OpsWorks customers.

What are the next steps you can take?

As AWS OpsWorks users, you can evaluate your options and plan to mitigate roadblocks once the support for OpsWorks is discontinued. Chef provides two options for you to use for future transitioning; the first is a completely managed SaaS-based solution called Chef SaaS, and the other is Chef's BYOL offering in AWS Marketplace.

What are the different options?

Chef SaaS

Chef SaaS is a cloud-based solution for managing infrastructure, compliance, and cloud security automation to manage entire IT estates. Chef SaaS uses the latest version of Chef Automate, ensuring the always updated version for its users. If you want to continue to leverage the managed solutions on the cloud, we recommend that you transition to Chef SaaS. Some of the benefits include:

  • Faster time to value
  • Reduced operational costs
  • On-demand automation
  • Support for multi-environments
  • Centralized governance


If your organization doesn’t prefer a SaaS model, Chef provides multiple options, including an AWS Marketplace Bring Your Own License (BYOL) model or self-hosting on EC2.

What will the migration to Chef SaaS look like?

The steps to migration 

  • Verify that you are on the latest OpsWorks version (20220329091442)
  • Back up your OpsWorks environment so Chef can build your SaaS environment.
  • Change your existing OpsWorks DNS to the new Chef SaaS DNS. 

The benefits of working with Chef

If you rely on AWS to manage your Chef environment, we recommend shifting to the Chef SaaS solution to ensure seamless continuity. The benefits of working directly with Chef include the following:

  • Direct access to Chef technical support expertise
  • Faster access to new Chef features from the original development source
  • Easier access to additional Chef capabilities, such as support for securing cloud-native assets, including Kubernetes
  • Direct access to optional Chef professional services
  • Ability to leverage additional managed services options directly from Chef
  • A flexible, fully documented, and supported migration path to Chef SaaS and generous time frame support for the transition


Chef and AWS have a solid and deep relationship that cuts across multiple aspects of the Progress business, which drives our combined commitment to our customers. We are committed to ensuring that this transition is smooth, and all customers have seamless continuity of business services.

As the support for AWS OpsWorks gets discontinued, Chef SaaS is an excellent alternative solution to transition into for the future. Chef SaaS is the single, wholly managed solution available for existing OpsWorks users as we move forward.

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Jnanankur Ghosh

Jnanankur is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Progress responsible for the Chef portfolio. He has worked in product marketing roles in telecom, biometric security, cloud computing, and voice technology domains and takes a keen interest in traveling and sports.