Webinar: Custom Resources the Building Blocks of your Cookbooks

Chef Infra Client includes more than 150 built-in resources to manage files, packages, templates, and services. You can extend existing or create new resources via Custom Resources. These help you encapsulate logic so that the end-user does not need to worry about how to install or configure the application at a low level. Making it easier for the user to achieve their end goal, a working system.  

Want to know more about how to create, test, document, and ship your Custom Resources?  

We’re hosting a webinar tomorrow i.e. 19th May to talk to you about the basics of Custom Resources and its benefits. Our webinar hosts Dan Webb, a long-time Chef community contributor and Senior Developer Advocate at Chef will provide an overview of why and when to create Custom Resources for Chef Infra Client. 


  • Benefits of creating Custom Resources 
  • Walkthrough an existing Custom Resource 
  • Documenting Custom Resources 
  • Using library helpers for code reuse 
  • How to test a Custom Resource 

Register for Webinar Series 01 (May 19th, 2021 | 8:30 AM PT)

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